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Get expert advice on choosing the right packaging for your product from IBEX Packaging’s team of experienced professionals. Consult with us for free to discuss your requirements and goals. We have the right packaging solutions to help your business succeed and win over your customers.

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Experienced Packaging Professionals at Ibex Packaging are always here to help you. Get Free Consultation with our Specialists and discuss your requirements and goals with us. Get Everything Your Business Need to become Successful.

Unlimited Customizations

IBEX Packaging offers aesthetically pleasing custom packaging boxes with unlimited customization to ensure your products have left a long-lasting impression on your customers’ minds. More interestingly, we offer unlimited customization for free to make packaging solutions cost-efficient. It means engaging your customers with your brand without spending thousands of dollars on marketing and branding strategies.

Stocks that are most relevant to your
packaging requirements

Choosing the right material has the most significant role in making packaging boxes aesthetically appealing, incorporating a premium feel, and introducing durability. So, for branded packaging, choose materials like recyclable Kraft, cardboard, luxury rigid, and multi-layer corrugated cardboard to keep your products protected inside out with a branded look. Let us explore the difference between them!
Stock Options: Cardboard Material


  • Solid Bleached Sulfate Card
  • Best Material for retail Products
  • Multiple Coloring Options
  • Various thicknesses levels (12pt-24pt)
  • Best for Light and Heavy Products

Stock Options: Kraft Material


  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Solid Colors
  • Uncoated Material
  • Strong and Durable
  • • Best for all Products

Stock Options: Corrugated Material


  • Single, double, and triple walls
  • Types from A-flute to E-flute
  • Excellent durability
  • Best for mailing and shipping
  • For bulk and weighted goods

stock options: Rigid


  • Non-Bendable Material
  • High-End Custom Rigid Boxes
  • Stiff and Heavy Material
  • Best for Branded Products
  • Optimal Protection
  • For luxury and Delicate Products


What makes IBEX Packaging

Each decision at IBEX Packaging relies upon the policy of customer satisfaction as the foremost priority. Factors behind our highest Customer Retention Rate are not just offering better rates and faster turnaround time.

It’s also the attention to detail and dedicated support from initial idea, design & planning to production & delivery on your doorstep, making every step easier.

60% better prices than the average market

80% of Projects get delivered in only one week

Dedicated Industry Expert assigned for each Project.

Solid after-sales customer support policy.


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Product Quality

IBEX Packaging brings you the best product quality in the market.

Durable Stock

Customized Stock adjustments to handle your product’s weight.

Precise Sizing

Latest Tools and Machinery giving us the ability to achieve perfection.

Accurate Colors

Digital Color Assessment System to ensure color accuracy.

Lively Printing

High-end digital printing making your products stand out.

Attention to Details

Totally customized solutions tailored for your brand’s uniqueness.

Premium Outlook

Top-notch material & Finishing, giving premium feel to your product.
Our Process

Quality Control

From designing, planning & production to timely delivery, every step of our process reaches completion
after meeting multiple strict quality standards devised by our International Standard Quality Control System.

Design proofing of Graphics

The primary sequence of quality control steps executed to proofread Box design, Artwork, Color Selection, Content and other digital media.

Stock adjustments & Testing

Customized Stock adjustments made to achieve highest box quality, premium outlook and feel possible to meet customer expectations.

Endurance Testing

Proofing of the customized stock adjustments & testing of durability, to ensure the box can endure product weight, retain shape & form.

Structural proofing of Die

Structural analysis & proofing of the box design, shape & sizing to ensure the packaging fits your product perfectly & portrays its unique identity.

Prototyping and Validation

After all steps, final prototyping takes place, giving us detailed insights of the results of our planning, adjustments are made according.

Why choose us

At IBEX Packaging, product quality is our first and foremost priority. This commitment to delivering the best enables us to achieve our high customer retention rate. Freedom of endless customization, product quality, advanced precision production, 24/7 customer support, timely delivery & dedicated expert consultation at every step of the way, IBEX Packaging is all about Quality.

Industry Expert for Every Job

A dedicated expert is assigned to each project specialized to that specific industry.


Choose From 500+ Color & Material Samples

Hundreds of color and material options available to bring your desired ideas to reality.

Free Quote & Consultations

Customer support available 24/7 to assist you with any info, queries, order tracking & more.

Custom packaging designs

Inspire your customers with innovative packaging styles

Uniqueness matters the most in inspiring customers. So, nothing works more than innovative packaging styles, whether you want to promote your business, take a competitive edge over others, or grab potential customers’ attention. At IBEX Packaging, we allow you to customize these boxes as maximum as you expect with stickers, labels, windows, ribbons, buttons, or anything else to present your products uniquely. You can also choose unique styles of packaging boxes that determine your reputation as a brand. As a packaging brand, we focus more on making your products stylish and unique. Our specialist designers at IBEX Packaging have professional experience working for some renowned brands and have the liberty to help you make your custom packaging boxes prominent and develop you as a brand in your favorite markets. So, request a consultation or ask for the best templates available in our catalogue at IBEX Packaging.

Effortless Procedures To Deliver You Expect

Free Template Design

Our structural engineering team would assist you with designing the shape & size of your box in-accordance to your product .

Free Box Design

Our creative designers team is here to help you figure the right design, colors & content to give a unique outlook to your box & brand.

Free Digital Proofs

After analyzing all your requirements, our experts will build a 3D mock-up of your box to give you a clearer picture.

Happy Customers

IBEX Packaging has been helping thousands of businesses globally achieve their organizational goals to become a brand through great packaging options. We prepare custom packaging boxes that exceed your expectations and grab your customers’ attention to convince them to buy your products instantly.
quotes 1 We have been thinking about those packaging boxes that can help us brand ourselves, but only the specialists at IBEX Packaging got success in understanding what we were expecting. They use only quality materials and deliver your orders before the due date. Their CSRs remain in contact with us during designing and shipping to keep us informed about every process.
Happy Customers (1)
Sonja Beauchamp
quotes 1 Thank you, Stephen, for providing me with the best packaging solutions and understanding our requirements related to design and shipping. I have fully convinced that working with IBEX Packaging is an absolute pleasure. Therefore, I look forward to engaging you permanently to address all my packaging needs.
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Steven young
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Frequently Asked Questions

At IBEX Packaging, we offer a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 boxes. We provide this opportunity for small businesses that help them market themselves and establish their reputation. You can order even lower quantity of rigid boxes

We deliver all orders of custom packaging boxes within 7 to 12 working days. Boxes can be shipped faster if you place rush order.

Yes, IBEX Packaging manufactures custom boxes according to our customers’ specifications regarding box size, shape or color, and material. We help customers develop their brand reputation, increase sales, and improve Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, we provide free design support and shipping to make custom boxes affordable for our customers.
Yes, we print the logo and graphics on the boxes. Moreover, we also allow you to print high-resolution images and customize the boxes to the maximum. Some customization options are foiling, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, Spot-UV, die cuts, custom inserts, custom windows with PVC, foam inserts, drip-off effect, metallic or neon color printing, and different kinds of lamination/finishes.

We ship flat corrugated, Kraft, or cardboard boxes, and our customers assemble them upon receiving them. However, rigid boxes are shipped in the assembled shape.
The mode of shipment we use is first class priority FedEx, DHL, UPS and FTL, and LTL.

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