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Various businesses are adopting sustainable packaging approaches and want to play their part in reducing the global carbon footprint. Embracing sustainable packaging ideas like chipboard boxes is a significant advantage as it can play a great role in creating a competitive advantage.

If you are visiting a local shopping mall before the arrival of the holiday season and you want to buy gifts for your loved ones and family. As you choose your ideal gift, you get plastic case packaging, which looks attractive, but it’s not recyclable. According to a recent UN environment program plastic pollution report, out of seven billion tonnes of plastic waste that is generated globally only 10% is recycled so when you choose your plastic packaging you know it’s not recyclable.

Would adopting recyclable packaging for your gifts look lovely? such as rigid boxes which are also known as setup boxes. You would also benefit from reusable storage space to pack your valuables for future use. The modern world is adopting green packaging solutions and abandoning traditional packaging.

According to a research report by Precedence Research, the global recyclable packaging market size was valued at $ 26.88 billion in 2022, which is expected to reach $48.36 billion by 2032.

Characteristics of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability in packaging means making something that is very safe, efficient, effective, and cyclic. Moreover, sustainable packaging must

  • Not be threatening to the environment and human ecosystem
  • Provide ease and value regarding business-making decisions
  • Maximize the usage of green recycled materials
  • Utilize nature-based sources and technology for materials

Global Green Packaging Momentum

The trend of adopting green packaging is gaining momentum worldwide not just due to its great aesthetics and additional durability advantages but also due to reduced packaging manufacturing costs. Moreover, premium product brands are moving towards adopting sustainable materials.

According to a Forbes report, over 82% of shoppers want to embrace brands that promote “people first” and sustainability. In another survey, 75% of Gen-Z shoppers considered sustainability more valuable than brand names.

Brands understand the value of sustainability as they want to encourage going green initiatives for reducing the environmental impact of packaging and its disposal. Moreover, they want to establish a unique brand image associated with sustainability in the minds of their customers for the future.

It would help if you tailored your chipboard packaging according to your product’s dimensions so that your business process aligns with global environmental protection goals. Moreover, brands can customize their product packaging concerning sustainability.

Hard Box Packaging Trends

Hard Box Packaging Trends

Today, various manufacturing industries are incorporating the practice of the 3R initiative involving steps like reduce, reuse, and recycle, which is part of the waste management process. Brands do not want to compromise on their products, set up box packaging durability, and want the same level of production that traditional packaging offers.

People’s buying patterns worldwide are changing as they are becoming more socially aware and responsible. Moreover, they want to embrace recyclability by adopting those brands that promote responsible clamshell box packaging made from recycled materials.

You also just don’t want people to embrace boring old boxes for your valued products. People appreciate those brands that go beyond and show their love for the plant by providing customization like providing travel-friendly and reusable shoulder rigid boxes packaging.

The future of sustainable packaging looks promising as many brands look forward to embracing environment-safe packaging designs and processes. Embracing reusable and responsible packaging also provides people with a sense of elegance and luxury in the form of recyclable custom magnetic closure rigid boxes.

Embracing packaging reuse also improves brands’ social image in their role in becoming a socially responsible entity. Various products packaging not made from recyclable materials contribute towards filling out garbage landfills and heavily impact our planet’s environment.

Businesses are embracing green initiatives because they want their people to know they care for them by embracing packaging made from recycled plant-based fibers or biodegradable materials.

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Recyclability of Hard Box Packaging

There are a variety of materials comprising paperboard, chipboard, and plastics from which brands create sturdy packaging for their valued customers. Some of the packaging might contain materials like adhesives or coatings, making them unsuitable for recycling.

Companies and brands need to consider recyclability for their solid packaging, as many leading countries like Canada are enforcing 50% recycled content in packaging by the year 2030. Brands need to communicate the recyclability of their packaging through reusability branding.

Global brands like Nike, Calvin Klien, Nestle, Allbirds, and Cocokind are all-embracing sustainable packaging sourced from recycled materials. According to Dotcom distribution’s study concerning the U.S.

Online shoppers were in favor of repeating purchases with brands that use sustainable packaging, which rose to 69% in 2022, even beating value add-ins like gift packaging and free samples.

According to the Global Green buying report, “66% of consumers consider buying products packaged in environmentally friendly materials”.

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Limitations of Solid Box Packaging Recyclability

Not all brands that use clamshell box packaging style using various materials like plastics, glass, and paperboard are 100% recyclable. Moreover, sometimes, product packaging might be too contaminated to be suitable for recyclability.

However, many companies worldwide embrace sustainable and customizable product packaging, such as custom gift boxes are the perfect example of sustainability. Brands are utilizing recycle-friendly rigid packaging materials to attract customers who like and appreciate green companies.

Manufacturing consumer brands need to step up and embrace sustainable practices for their products through recyclable solid box packaging. Moreover, they need to find ways to integrate and promote green chipboard packaging, which provides them with a unique brand identity.

Types of Set-Up Boxes

These sturdy setup boxes vary in size, shape, and design, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for nearly any situation. Whether you need a sleek and secure packaging solution for luxury products, you’ll find the right type to meet your needs, Discover our collection of eco-friendly custom rigid boxes and you can also order personalized designs of your choice.

Their versatility makes them suitable for personal gifting, professional use, and branding efforts. Setup boxes also come in unconventional shapes like round, hexagon, and square, providing a unique and eye-catching packaging option. With their sturdy construction, setup boxes offer not only a visually appealing presentation but also durability and protection for your items.

The beauty of having such a diverse range of setup box types is the ability to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements. These boxes aren’t just about packaging; they’re a reflection of your attention to detail, ensuring that your presentation matches the occasion, whether it’s a gift, a document, or a product. Their adaptability makes them a valuable asset for both businesses and individuals, offering a stylish and reliable way to present, protect, and organize a wide array of items.

Material Used in Rigid Packaging

These boxes are made up of 70% eco-friendly materials. Commitment to sustainability and the use of recyclable and environmentally responsible materials make them an even more conscientious choice for packaging. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, these eco-friendly setup boxes are designed to leave a smaller ecological footprint, aligning with the growing global trend toward eco-conscious packaging solutions.

Rigid sturdy boxes are usually made from various materials such as paperboard, plastic, chipboard, metal, aluminum, and wood. However, not all sturdy boxes are fit for recycling due to the usage or combination of various composite materials.

When choosing a solid box for your jewelry business, you should always choose materials that are recyclable such as gift card boxes. Moreover, you should source materials from responsible suppliers who support the usage of recycled materials ensuring that the packaging is not harmful to the environment and is naturally decomposable.

You should also check with your local recycling program and see what kind of hard box packaging is suitable for reuse and recycling. Various brands today are moving towards adopting green packaging for their products to reduce their impact on carbon emissions in the environment.

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Benefits of Ecofriendly Sturdy Packaging

People need to adopt the sustainable packaging trend and are attracted by those brands that deliver results with 100% recyclable and biodegradable chipboard box packaging for products. Moreover, they want to associate with those brands who play their part in lowering environmental impact.

Consumers are attracted by various other environment-friendly green factors, such as recycled material, green manufacturing, and nature-friendly transportation mediums. However, sustainable and recyclable packaging is the main factor affecting consumer purchase decisions.

Going Green Encourages Strong Customer Retention

Brands that adopt green packaging for their customers also gain the benefit of increased retention. People like those brands who promote green packaging initiatives that show love and care for the environment and promote the adoption of sustainable packaging methods.

Recyclability Encourages More Consumer Purchases

People today prefer brands promoting recycled packaging materials like 100% recycled rigid, Kraft, or cardboard. Moreover, they expect brands to adopt green packaging to become more socially responsible shoppers.

E-commerce consumers expect leading product brands to play their part in saving the environment and adopting earth-safe packaging options, which increases customer satisfaction.

Going Green Makes People Like Your Brand

Embracing green packaging does not make your premium product packaging inferior, as many consumers provide positive experiences through social media unboxing videos and online reviews. Moreover, this new sustainable packaging, like collapsible foldable rigid boxes, provides many benefits, such as being earth-friendly, space-saving, practical, and visually appealing.

Many brands are also introducing nature-based packaging, such as Flexi-Hex, made from materials such as honeycomb, providing sustainable and sturdy protection for various products such as cosmetics, electronics, and glassware.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Adopting green packaging options has many advantages, such as reduced shipping costs due to lower packaging weight. Brands that adopt recycled materials for packaging make better use of sustainable materials to gain an advantage by using packaging waste as raw materials for other products.

Environment Safe Packaging

With the arrival of e-commerce packaging, we’re constantly contributing toward making more waste. Plastic-based packaging materials are usually not recyclable and can take many years to decompose.

In comparison, chipboard-based packaging is made from recycled materials that don’t damage the environment and decompose quickly.

Boost your Branding

Today’s Consumers are much more environmentally conscious of the impact of damaged packaging on the environment. By adopting recycled packaging, you can increase your product sales and ensure a positive brand image as you would naturally appeal to customers who highly regard going green initiatives.

Economical Packaging

The cost of using nature-based packaging, such as watch boxes made from recycled materials, might be a bit pricier than using traditional packaging. However, nature-friendly packaging materials are recyclable and help you cut costs in the long run.


Using a strong box can be ideal for gaining attention from the crowd as you distinguish your products using nature-based materials for packaging. However, you can secure the profitability of your business by using green materials packaging in the long run.

Ultimately, rigid box packaging recyclability depends on the material’s composition and manufacturing, as if the brand uses sustainable 100% recyclable materials for packaging, which can be burned down and used as raw materials for production.

You must also ensure that the recyclable and green packaging is free from deformity, damage, and contamination. Furthermore, you can check with local recycling companies to see if they can accept and recycle your packaging materials.


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