Role of Packaging in the Branding of your Bottled Products

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Are you struggling to make your mark in the competitive market with your bottled products?

Let me be very straightforward; if you haven’t done your homework on packaging, you are never going to get noticed unless a genie comes out of each of your bottle.

Imagine a retail store’s rack crowded with hundreds of bottles containing the same product from different brands, including yours. Which one will be able to attract customers’ wandering eyes? clearly the ones which have the best presentation. In short, the most presentable one wins the race.

I will take the liberty to say, custom bottle boxes are equally important (if not more) than the product itself when it comes to marketing and branding. Packaging today has evolved as one of the most effective and persuasive branding tools due to several reasons.

Let’s see in what ways bottle packaging can help you furthering your brand;

1. It Gives Your Brand A Face

Packaging is a brand’s face with which customers recognize it. It gives your company an identity and this is done in many different ways. For example;

  • Your custom bottle boxes carry your logo. This is what helps your customer find your product amongst thousands of products they come across each day. Your logo is something that reflects the overall persona of your company.
  • have you ever faced difficulty in recognizing a Coca-Cola amongst other drinks? The red simply means ‘grab it’ it’s a coke. This is how even the color of your logo, label and box becomes an immediate differentiating factor for your bottled product. Choose it wisely, keeping in view the nature of your product, your target audience, and your company’s style statement.
  • Shape and Design: This is another decisive factor in making your brand recognizable because a bottle packaging box is literally the outfit that your product wears. Design, shape and size of a box are also crucial in deciding the transportation cost, especially when we are talking about the wholesale bottle packaging.

A bit of novelty here can go a long way in helping your brand stand apart. Be creative while finalizing a design with your bottle packaging company. a bit of uniqueness here can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

In short, a customized bottle packaging in not just a means of protecting your bottles against damage. The purposes served by retail packaging today have been diversified and today they serve to reflect your brand’s true face. It helps your audience readily relate to your product amidst innumerable competitors.

According to the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, packaging has a huge communicative ability. It plays a considerable role in communicating brand meaning and ideology.

2. It Educates Your Customer

Branding without educating is a total failure. This is where packaging plays a tremendous role. It helps inform the audience in many different ways about the product itself and the company’s ideology. For instance,

  • Instructions

Your box carries the instructions to put your bottled product to best use and how to obtain the best results. In educated your customers about the things to do in order to enjoy the product to the fullest.

Besides, the important information like the expiry date, the manufacturing date etc. are also mentioned on the box. In short, a custom bottle packaging acts like a mini manual for your customers. A box with clear instructions furthers a brand’s image by being more helpful.

  • Commitment towards greener environment

One of the latest and most important function served by the packaging today is to establish a brand’s goodwill by showing how committed it is towards a greener planet.

The signs showing ‘recyclable’, ‘biodegradable’, made with recycled material’ etc. are a huge plus for any brand and are shown as achievement badges on the packaging. It helps them present their brand as an environment conscious brand.

  • Caution

Bottle packaging boxes also educates customers by informing them against any unwanted results.

Is especially crucial for hazardous substances or medicines. Packaging clearly informs them about the things to avoid. It furthers a brand’s image as a responsible one.

Moreover, it mentions risks of damage incase of manhandling. For example, if the package contains glass bottles, the words of caution like ‘handle with care’ are printed on the box to avoid breakage.

3. A Professional Packaging Breeds Brand Loyalty

Acquiring customers is not the end of the game, retaining them is another big challenge in an ever evolving world of brands. Here too, packaging has a tremendous role to play.

Other than the quality of product itself, the most important factor in ensuring that the customers stick to your brand is how wholesome is the branding experience.

Your packaging adds to the value of your product. A professional packaging box with an attractive design and high quality printing gives your brand a premium look. This air of luxury is what gives your customers a satisfying, retail experience.

Several researches conducted till date on consumer’s buying behavior have one thing in common. They acknowledge that the customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand which has high quality packaging. In other words, the principle of the ‘survival of prettiest’ is at work when it comes to brand loyalty.

According to a study published in International Review of Management and Business Research, packaging has a positive relation with brand loyalty.

Hence, the entire branding campaign for any brand revolves around providing the customer with a retail experience which goes with company’s ideology. And this cannot be done unless you have a professional packaging which is in line with your brand’s persona.


The concept of branding and brand marketing has certainly evolved a lot over the last few years. Especially after the advent of custom packaging boxes with a variety of designs and a huge variety of materials like cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, etc. the meaning of branding has taken a different dimension.

Today, it is the packaging which determines whether or not will gain new customers, and it is yet again packaging that determines whether or not you can retain your customers.

So, if you are to stay ahead of others and compete in a saturated market, you must have a high end packaging box for your bottles which reflects professionalism.



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