Reliable and Bespoke Child Resistant Packaging for Sensitive Products

IBEX Packaging has introduced custom packaging solutions for all those products which must be kept away from children.

Innovative Packaging Ideas to secure your children

Keeping sensitive, fragile, and delicate problems away from children needs extra attention. Moreover, branding and marketing are equally important.
For that, IBEX Packaging offers child proof packaging with style to present you with an innovative firm.

Child Resistant Packaging that Resists Children

We may have various products in our surroundings that are not allowed for children, and we must keep them away from them. These products include food items, medicines, chemicals, pre-rolls, pesticides, and cannabis products. IBEX Packaging recommends child-resistant packaging solutions made from highly-durable materials for all these products. Moreover, we also introduce some excellent closures, which are difficult for children to open.

What is Child Resistant Packaging?

Child resistant or child proof packaging is also referred to as special packaging. The primary purpose of this packaging is to minimize the risk of poisoning for children who generally love opening suspicious packaging. The experts recommend child resistant packaging wholesale for those products, which can be potentially hazardous because children can inhale or eat them. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an authority regulating such packaging under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), has all rights to monitor your packaging and instruct accordingly.

Customize your packaging with IBEX Packaging

Whether you are a new business or have been working for a long time but do not know how to use custom child proof packaging wholesale, IBEX Packaging provides all required consultation and support to produce the necessary packaging. More importantly, our designers allow you to customize packaging in a way that tells about your brand.

Using suitable packaging material is one of the aspects of choosing child proof packaging. Generally, the best packaging material for this packaging can resist the effort to break it. Another vital aspect in this regard is the closure selection. It is because you can use magnetic closure, drawer style, and many other options to make unboxing difficult.

We also allow our customers to choose shape, size, color, and design when ordering custom child resistant packaging boxes. Moreover, you can get additional features to make these custom boxes attractive to customers. It means these boxes are not only for keeping your children away from hazardous materials under the law but also for branding and marketing.

Design Your Packaging as Per Your Need

Only material does not resolve all your issues to become a brand in the market. For that, you must grab your customers’ attention with some fantastic designs. IBEX Packaging offers free design support and customization. Therefore, you can make these child resistant packaging boxes stylish, unique, and your brand story-teller.

Additionally, you can customize these boxes according to your requirements. More interestingly, all these services are for all who order custom packaging from IBEX Packaging.

If you do not have a designer who can generate a design of child proof packaging boxes for you, you do not need to worry. We facilitate you in a way that our expert designers make a design with your consultation. So, you can get beautiful designs with our assistance without bearing any additional charges.

Printing and Finishing Options

IBEX Packaging offers excellent printing options to display what you want to show your customers. Mainly, we offer digital, offset, and other printing options. These options help you communicate your brand name, company logo, and further details on custom child resistant packaging wholesale boxes. Additionally, we offer many finishing options and add-ons. Some examples are embossing, debossing, spot UV lamination, matte and shiny finishing, die-cut windows, and many other options. Overall, these packaging boxes create a difference to make your brand prominent on store shelves.

Why IBEX Packaging?

We at IBEX Packaging have been in the market for over a decade. Several companies have partnered with us for years; many are ready to join. We are a renowned name in the packaging industry, and people love working with us because we offer some salient features and excellent discounts to all our customers located globally.

The first thing that differentiates us is our design support and customization. This design support is free for all our customers who order custom child proof packaging wholesale or any other packaging option. It means you get free design support and customization to make your boxes according to your brand and product requirements.

Free shipping is another feature that helps us produce quality packaging for you at the most affordable rates. More interestingly, this shipping is for all our customers regardless of location. Moreover, our fastest turnaround time of 12 business days helps you get your order on time and target your customers when you want.

Our minimum order quantity of 100 child resistant packaging boxes allows small businesses and startups to get their required packaging and display themselves on store shelves as a brand. On the other hand, we offer exclusive discounts to all those who order packaging boxes in bulk.

We have one of the best customer support departments in the packaging industry. You can access our office timings through the contact details given on the website. However, if you contact us after the office or on the weekend, we will get you back within 24 working hours.

So, if you want custom child resistant packaging but have concerns, contact us now!


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Add Durability and Protection to your products with child-resistant packaging.

We never compromise on choosing materials, designs, and finishing touches to produce child proof packaging; you need to ensure your children cannot access the products in your home.

Package your products stylishly.

We all understand many food items, cannabis products, medicines, and chemicals are in a home that is not good or allowed for children. Custom child resistant packaging helps you secure these products from children. We also add style to this packaging to grab your customers’ attention.

Striking First Impression

IBEX Packaging never recommends low-quality products to its customers. It is because striking first impressions is the ultimate purpose of any brand, and with child resistant packaging wholesale, we help businesses achieve what they deserve.

Accurate Size Selection

When choosing to package, accurate size measurement is necessary. It is because properly-adjusted products are more protected inside child proof packaging. IBEX Packaging helps you accurately measure the products and finalize the size precisely.

Various packaging styles

Uniqueness and protection help brands present their fragile and sensitive products effectively. IBEX Packaging offers various styles of child resistant packaging like pop-top bottles, child resistant tubes, child resistant mylar bags, child resistant caps, and many others.

Free Customization

We at IBEX Packaging have a team of specialist designers that can convert an ordinary packaging solution into custom boxes suitable for your products. Interestingly, we offer design support and customization for free to all our customers.

Excellent Customer Support

With features like free shipping, free design support, the fastest turnaround time of 12 business days, minimum order quantity of 100 child resistant packaging boxes, and excellent customer service, we ensure all our customers must be satisfied at every level.

Options & Materials

Personalize your Child Resistant Packaging with our options and materials

Present your small business
as a Brand

Survival in this competitive business world is possible only when you introduce new trends in the market.
Exclusively–designed custom boxes made by IBEX Packaging help you make a statement.

Winning packaging strategies

We determine what you expect from IBEX Packaging as a packaging partner. It helps us design packaging strategy that works.

Complex Idea Transformation

To convert your ideas into an efficient packaging solution, IBEX Packaging has experienced designers and dedicated structural engineers.

Professional Artwork and Designs

To take an absolute packaging edge over other brands, we recommend packaging artwork made by professional designers at IBEX Packaging.

Prototyping and mockups

Validation of every design in 3D makes it possible to receive a prototype. It means excellent designing of custom boxes.

Global packaging capabilities

We manufacture the packaging boxes that meet all the highest industry standards. It results in excellent quality and the best prices.

Free and reliable shipping

Shipping at your doorstep before the deadline is our ultimate edge over others. Free shipping is icing on the cake.

Packaging made easy.

Over 5000+ companies trust Ibex Packaging as their choice for custom packaging and packaging services. Whether you are looking for a custom packaging manufacturer or for professional design services, we help solve it all!

Other Packaging Options

Packaging solutions great for Child Resistant Packaging
Got Any Question?

Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, the price of creating Child Resistant Packaging is entirely dependent on your order. First, it depends on whether you decide to use paperboard, kraft, or corrugated for your box’s base. Your desired delivery time and place make up the second aspect. The third and final aspect that determines your cost is the quantity of your order. When you place a large order with us, you receive a generous discount.
Typically, the standard turnaround time at IBEX Packaging is seven to twelve working days. But if you require Child Resistant Packaging to be delivered right at your door, this turnaround time may even be better.
Currently, IBEX Packaging does not offer purchases based on loyalty points. However, we have strong strategies to cultivate loyalty and strengthen our customer relationships. For instance, we offer exclusive discounts on bulk orders.
Yes, our Child Resistant Packaging are made with recyclable materials. We select recyclable Kraft, cardboard, premium rigid, and multi-layer corrugated cardboard as our materials of choice to keep your products safe from the inside out while maintaining a branded appearance.
Yes, IBEX Packaging exclusively provides customers with customized packaging that aids in their brand’s growth and reputation. In addition to our free design assistance, we allow clients to give us their own artwork so that the end design of their product looks exactly like they desired.