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We live in a world where everyone is concerned about environmental changes, which forces packaging companies to help minimize packaging waste. So, while using Kraft Boxes for your products, you are using the most user-friendly boxes, according to experts. More importantly, you can present yourself as an environmentally-friendly manufacturer. These boxes are available in different colors and shapes to give a luxurious look to your products. At IBEX Packaging, our designers and printers know how to make custom kraft boxes the best option for your products. Moreover, these boxes are the key to success worldwide in getting more customers’ attention and satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Stock
  • Precise Sizing
  • Accurate Colors
  • Lively Printing
  • Maximum Strength & Retention

Why IBEX Packaging

  • As Low as 100 boxes
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 14 Days Turnaround time
  • Free Design Support

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      Product Details

      Custom Packaging FAQs

      You may be wrong if you think that packaging is a small task, and we do not need to bother much about its strategies, procedures, and techniques. There is certainly a lot about the packaging you must learn as a businessman and consider numerous aspects. It leads to a lot of questions. Here, we have tried to answer some burning questions at IBEX Packaging. So, here are some frequently asked questions about custom packaging boxes:
      An absolute yes to this question! The texture of any specific material with printing helps create the impact you expect from your Kraft Boxes . For example, if you have chosen darker materials and matte textures, it is evident that the printed images and other content will be more subdued and darker.
      Gone are the days when using only a post office box was enough and business owners expected that they would improve their sales. Now, you need to make unboxing a memorable experience for your customers. Therefore, it is essential to come into the market with something different, which is possible only when you introduce your products packed in Kraft Boxes.
      Yes, your order must be as low as 100 Kraft Boxes. However, for rigid boxes, we do not restrict our customers.

      IBEX Packaging provides one of the best turnaround times globally. Generally, we take 7-12 working days to deliver your order. However, shipping location and order size matter considerably to deliver your order within a tight deadline.


      Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


      Packaging at affordable prices.


      100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


      Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.

      Features & Offerings

      Our exclusive features and offerings aim to assist brands in coping with the extensive competition and gaining a competitive edge by constantly producing their custom kraft boxes.

      01 Choice of Materials

      Choosing from various stock grade options for your custom Kraft boxes is possible with us. However, paperboard, kraft, and corrugated are the commonest stocks for such applications.

      02 Lithographic Printing

      We implement the lithographic printing technique to produce all our custom kraft boxes, so they have a higher print quality than any other printed boxes.

      03 High-end Surface Finishes

      Navigate through our luxurious surface finishes to enrich your custom kraft boxes. With our extensive decoration options, your packaging will undoubtedly have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

      04 Sustainable Packaging

      Business owners that care about the environment now have sustainable packaging choices. Due to the eco-friendly nature of our packaging, you can lessen your global carbon footprint.

      Elite Finishing Touch

      Our top-notch tools and techniques offer double-sided printing of custom kraft boxes and several décor options perfect for any box layout. Upgrade your regular products while you explore the surfeit benefits our packages have to offer you.

      High Gloss Ink

      High gloss ink has exceptional luminous properties. Such properties give your products a vibrant overall look to captivate the audience at first glance. The ink’s sheen gives reflective properties to anything you apply it on. IBEX Packaging ensures using unique ink so that your packaging creates a lasting impression.

      Matte Texture

      The soft matte texture contributes to the long-standing popularity of our packaging. The softness of the surface is so alluring to the grip. We ensure to incorporate the feeling into our packaging with your desired color so you get the best value for your money.

      Spot UV Lamination

      Spot UV Lamination involves coating ink across the surface and inscriptions on the box to make them appear shiny. Lamination contributes to your brand’s prestige. Getting a spot UV finish can help you promote your company with a subtext of refinement.

      Foil Stamping

      Another surface treatment that is associated with prestige is Foil Stamping. Using foil stamping, you can present your name and brand in vibrant shades of silver or gold. When your audience first sees foil stamping, they immediately perceive superior quality.Our State-of-the-art Custom Kraft Boxes
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      Our State-of-the-art Custom Kraft Boxes

      Order our corrugated kraft boxes, tuck top kraft boxes, and custom cardboard kraft boxes in your choice of sizes, shapes, and patterns. These personalized boxes provide excellent quality, immaculate wrapping, and free delivery in addition to their high caliber. Our high-quality kraft boxes serve two main functions: first, they work with all of your items, and second, they are durable.

      Creating a Prototype

      Get the sizes, shapes, and designs of your choice in our corrugated kraft boxes, tuck top kraft boxes, and bespoke cardboard kraft boxes. In addition to their outstanding quality, these customized boxes offer superb craftsmanship, spotless wrapping, and free shipping.

      CAD Samples

      For a small fee, we ship you a mockup of your box on request before you place a bulk order. This guarantees that our customers will be happy with the product and takes care of any last-minute adjustments that may be required.

      Quality Control Check

      All our custom kraft boxes are made to undergo a series of quality control tests before they are ready to be shipped to you. This ensures that you are 100% satisfied and there is no fault in the quality of our packaging.

      Customers Also Looked For

      Custom kraft boxes can be printed on both sides and come with various décor options that are ideal for any box layout, thanks to our top-notch equipment and processes. While exploring the abundance of benefits our boxes offer you, upgrade your regular items.