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Unlocking the Benefits of Custom Mylar Bags for Food Products

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Are you ready to explore the awe-inspiring world of custom mylar bags? Embark on a culinary adventure as these bags’ extraordinary impact on food items has never been executed effectively.

To attract food lovers to an enticing bite of delectable morsel, unique packaging can perform an exclusive task to make your food brand more innovative and finesse. Mylar bags wholesale reign supreme, as these extraordinarily-designed pouches hold power to transform the whole concept of packaging for food items.

After enlighteningly exploring the impact of this packaging option, it is time to unravel the secrets behind the success of these printed mylar bags. The following discussion will help unlock all the benefits a food brand can extract when using these bags.

But before moving forward, let us explore mylar packaging first!

What Is Mylar Packaging?

Custom printed mylar bags have become famous recently for their convenience and versatility. These bags help achieve various purposes, including packaging and storing food.

So, if you want one of the most reliable storage and packaging, mylar bags give you the perfect solution. Their durable material and airtight seals have made these bags more popular among businesses, especially food chains of all sizes. It is because food products need superior protection that these bags provide. Moreover, you can give these bags a more branded look with the help of various printing and finishing options.

While defining mylar packaging, there is some confusion, and we will try to address it in the following lines:

DuPont Teijin Films has been using PET film, which is used widely and globally. Its trademarked name is mylar packaging. It has been in the market since 1952, and DuPont started its production commercially in 1954 from Ohio. Mylar is commonly used across various industries, including packaged food companies, as flexible plastic packaging. Therefore, we can easily say that mylar is a brand name, and this name is commonly used to refer to a specific packaging material. Overall, it is BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate film that food companies love using for packaging, storing, and branding their products.

Look, we have understood what mylar packaging is in detail. Now, let us unlock the benefits of custom mylar bags!

Moisture and Odor Resistance

Nutritional products, foodstuffs, medicinal products, and herbal supplements need special protection. The reason is that companies love presenting their products fresh. Moreover, they want to prevent their products from smelling or leakage.

Top-quality material is used to prepare bulk mylar bags. With these bags, smells or odors do not come out. Moreover, this packaging helps prevent moisture from entering.

When developing resistance against moisture and odor, you can maintain product quality and keep them fresh until your customers unbox your products. It simply means you are not going to embarrass yourself when your customers explore your products.

Child Resistance

Let us make ourselves prepared to deal with this issue!

Many nutritional supplements and herbal remedies are hazardous to children. The same applies to many food products that must be taken after quantification. Thankfully, mylar bags with logo can keep your products out of the curious hands of children.

After testing their resistance, IBEX Packaging provides child-resistant mylar bags to ensure children remain safe in the presence of specific products that can be harmful if taken in large quantities.

Tear and Puncture Resistance

Many food and supplement vendors transport their products to geographically dispersed locations. With that, they also want to deliver their products in original quantity, taste, smell, and quality. Long distances can affect their effort to achieve this result. With mylar bags wholesale, your packaging can resist punctures and tears due to the flexibility the packaging material offers.

Here, we mention other flexible packaging options you can use to avoid puncture and tear. These options are lay flat pouches, roll stock pouches, and stand-up pouches. IBEX Packaging can produce all these pouches upon your request.

Protection Against Light

Many products are light-sensitive, and we can include certain foods in this list. When these products are exposed to sunlight, their temperature may rise, making them susceptible to discoloration and rancidity. These products include crackers, biscuits, nuts, and chocolates. To protect these products from light, IBEX Packaging recommends mylar bags to block out light entirely and increase shelf life.

Resealable Closures

Many products are used multiple times. However, protecting them for second or third-time use can be a challenge. It is because water or moisture can affect product quality. However, resealable closures of mylar bags help you use your favorite products multiple times according to your convenience or requirement.

Many resealable closures are available when ordering mylar packaging bags. Some are child-resistant zippers, press-to-close zippers, no zipper options, etc.

Extended Shelf Life

One of the most significant advantages of using bulk mylar bags is the increased shelf life. An airtight barrier is provided to these bags to achieve this target. With this option, the prevention of moisture and oxygen becomes possible. And if you allow air to enter, the noticeable results will be degradation or spoilage of the content inside.

Sensitive products need these mylar bags, and among these products, food products are at the top. So, reduce waste and save money by increasing your products’ shelf life and using mylar packaging bags.


Environmentally-safe packaging options are the most loved ones in the current business world. The reason is that all are concerned about environmental protection, and if a brand does not show it to its customers, it may lose its reputation. Therefore, selecting an eco-friendly packaging option is extremely important. To implement this eco-friendly packaging strategy, we recommend you discuss it with our customer support executives, who will guide you entirely about recyclable materials and procedures.

Branding Potential of Custom Mylar Bags

IBEX Packaging offers various customizable options that help you enhance your brand reputation. We also allow you to tailor these bags in a way they become fit according to your product specifications and brand aesthetics. This way, you can stand out and develop your brand identity more effectively.

While talking about customization options, they may include printed graphics, coatings, and finishing touches. We help you explore these add-ons to give you a competitive edge over others.

Affordable Packaging Solution

IBEX Packaging has the expertise and skills to provide printed mylar bags after customizing them using our latest printing materials and links. It means your logo will be displayed more efficiently, and your packaging will be equipped with high-resolution details and brilliant colors. Moreover, your bags will have scratch-free surfaces because of our unique packaging and printing techniques.

The story continues because we offer these packaging solutions at the most affordable rates. So, you use the finest approach toward custom packaging in the most cost-efficient packaging budget.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Are you looking forward to finding a new way to engage potential customers more aggressively? Custom mylar bags in bulk can give your products more exposure and market your business uniquely. These bags are excellent in helping your customers identify your products and recognize them conveniently.

Factually, customers think uniquely and prefer custom products over traditional ones. It is because they want to feel they have bought something unique. And if you are a brand, this feeling will be even stronger than your expectations.

Fast Turnaround Time with Digital Printing on Custom Mylar Packaging

Mylar packaging

IBEX Packaging can finish the task of preparing finished pouches in record time if you agree to print mylar packaging digitally. Generally, we recommend digital printing to those who want stand-up pouches and lay flat packaging at their doorstep earlier.

Digital printing helps you implement last-minute changes due to any reason. However, it is essential to update us before we send your order to the production department. It is because once we send your order to the production department, it becomes impossible to implement your recommended changes.

Our Verdict

Are you selling those food products that have a short life or looking to store these items for a long? IBEX Packaging recommends you use custom mylar bags? It is because these bags are the best to maintain stored food quality, prevent food spoilage, and increase shelf life. These bags also work as a barrier against oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. Using mylar bags wholesale means increased shelf life and customer satisfaction.

However, choosing top-notch bulk mylar bags is necessary because all packaging solutions are created equal. Your packaging must respond against dark, cool, dry, and wet conditions equally to deliver your food products to their original taste, smell, and quality.

Before concluding our discussion, IBEX Packaging also wants you to consider some essential factors when ordering custom mylar bags. These factors are the selection of material quality, accurate measurement of products to get the exact size of the packaging, ordered quantity, finalized shape, finishing options like tear notches and zip locks, shipping costs, and delivery time.
Get mylar packaging bags from IBEX Packaging, a renowned name in producing excellent packaging solutions of your choice.


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