Stand Out in the Market with Custom Printed Boxes!

Getting hold of personalized boxes with a printed brand name, slogan, and emblem requires focus and interest. Thanks to IBEX packaging, the hassle of finding the best custom printed boxes for your valuable products has become a breeze now. Our aim is to set you apart from the retail rivalry– so we provide perfectly produced cardboard custom-printed boxes in various colours, styles, and forms of your choice.
custom printed boxes - personalized design
custom printed boxes - some inspirations
custom printed boxes - some inspirations
Let your customers celebrate with something unique in their hands and enjoy unboxing uniquely. With IBEX Packaging, you can give your customers an experience that will help them remember you for a long time. More interestingly, we allow you to customize this packaging according to your brand requirement. Moreover, this facility is available to all our customers for custom boxes for all products.

Value Added Services

Premium-quality Stock

We offer 60% better rates than our competitors.

Fantastic color combination

Our dedication is consistent while working on any project.

Perfect Size

Our delivery time remains between 7-12 days.

Lively Printing

Excellent after-sales customer support services.

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    Quickly create your customized, premium quality custom printed boxes to stun your audience. Use these custom printed boxes to display your products in the market and enjoy customers’ attention at first glance. Custom print your packaging today and wait for wonders to happen to your brand. Get a closer look at our services & offerings.
    custom printed boxes - some inspirations
    custom printed boxes - custom printing
    Customized Style
    Custom Printing
    High-resolution Images
    Exceptional Quality Material


    Personalized Design

    We believe in delivering excellence since premium-quality packaging will create a lasting first impression. We provide a wide range of distinctively created styles for your Custom Printed Boxes using lamination and spot UV. IBEX Packaging is skilled in transforming lifeless boxes into ones of excellent quality. With the variety of creative tools we offer, you may create beautiful boxes that will support the development of a strong brand identity and are skilled in using foil stamping, embossing, and debossing to add extravagance to your boxes.
    custom printed boxes - custom printing
    custom printed boxes - personalized design


    Custom Printing

    The Custom printed boxes offer high contrast, lively colours, and an alluring look for our custom packaging using our highest grade CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) colour technique. Special Color Combinations, such as shiny Gold, Silver, and other bespoke fancy requirements, are also efficiently addressed to ensure your packaging stands out from the competition. At IBEX packaging, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions to you that generates superior results and cultivate your customers’ loyalty.


    High-resolution Images

    We make sure to give you the motivation to count on us. Your brand will benefit significantly from the high-resolution photos and your preferred printing method when it comes to surviving the rivalry in the market. We pay close attention to detail so that we can guarantee the precise outcomes you imagined. We invite your ideas and devise totally unique solutions that are suited to the distinctiveness of your brand. The printing looks two times better than traditional prints due to our meticulous attention to detail and committed designs.
    custom printed boxes - high resolution images
    custom printed boxes - exceptional quality material


    Exceptional Quality Material

    IBEX packaging endeavors to guarantee you the finest packaging quality in the market. Delivering the best value against our clients’ investments is our foremost priority. Using high-quality material, exceptional printing techniques, and affordable rates, we leave no stone unturned in being the first choice for our audience. For us, the significance of quality surpasses that of quantity, so we put all our efforts into generating top-notch quality packaging that keeps you coming back to us.

    Some Inspirations

    In the retail sector, product quality and packaging significance go hand in hand. In order to effectively arrange, exhibit, and advertise their products to the buyers, established brands and companies need custom packaging boxes. New startup firms need appealing, descriptive, and appropriately designed custom box packaging to gain mass attention at first sight.
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    With Ibex Packaging

    At IBEX Packaging, product quality is our first and foremost priority. What enables us to achieve our high customer retention rate is this commitment to delivering the best. Freedom of endless customization, product quality, advanced precision production, 24/7 customer support, timely delivery & dedicated expert consultation at every step of the way, IBEX Packaging is all about Quality.

    Industry Expert for Every Job

    Industry Expert for Every Job A dedicated expert is assigned to each project specialized to that specific industry.

    Perfection in Packaging at the best rates

    Looking forward to standing out among contenders? IBEX Packaging is with you!

    Free Quote & Consultations

    Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any info, queries, order tracking & more.

    Quality Control

    From designing, planning & production to timely delivery, every step of our process reaches completion.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    At IBEX Packaging, we offer a minimum order quantity of as low as 100 boxes. We provide this opportunity for small businesses that help them market themselves and establish their reputation. You can order even lower quantity of rigid boxes

    We deliver all orders of custom packaging boxes within 7 to 12 working days. Boxes can be shipped faster if you place rush order.

    Yes, IBEX Packaging offers only custom packaging boxes to help customers develop their brand reputation, increase sales, and improve return on investment. Moreover, we provide free design support and free shipping to make custom boxes affordable for our customers.

    Yes, it depends on you. So, if you want to have a company logo or graphics on the boxes, we make it possible for you.

    We ship corrugated, Kraft, and cardboard boxes flat, and you give them shape at your location. However, rigid boxes are shipped assembled.

    Custom Printed Boxes to Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Partnering with IBEX Packaging to purchase custom printed boxes will provide you with a massive array of designing services and box styles. It means adding a tint of extravagance to your packaging and complementing your branding style. Our valued customers know that they have complete freedom to personalize the custom printed boxes using their artwork.

    Our designing experts utilize your original work of art and create masterpieces of custom printed boxes to portray you as a brand that has no match.

    Why Go for Custom Printed Boxes as a Brand?

    At IBEX Packaging, we offer retail custom printed box packaging. We use only the highest quality materials crafted with absolute care.

    Our utmost priority is excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, which we achieve through persistent coordination through our customer support officers and designers with our customers. We try to ensure that our customers get the best packaging solution for their products by maintaining the quality of our custom cardboard boxes.

    Using wonderfully custom printed boxes with sturdiness provides your products with perfect storage and a beautiful look. It means that you can sell your brand smartly and more efficiently. So, engage IBEX Packaging to address your packaging needs and stand out in the market.

    It also helps you make customers brand loyal to you so that no matter wherever they go, they follow and recommend you to their friends and family.

    Technology-friendly packaging solutions

    We are living in an era where everything is becoming digitized. Here, using technology to prepare custom packaging has become the trendiest. The popular trend of recording product unboxing videos has also increased the value of custom packaging.

    The reality is that providing customers with high-end retail packaging boxes is now a must. It is because almost every brand in the market follows the same trend, and you cannot be behind your competitors in any case.

    If you want a tool that can work for you as a business card, custom packaging is what you should be opting for right now to present your products in the market.

    You can present yourself uniquely in the market when you use custom boxes after customizing them entirely. It also shows your professionalism and builds brand trust in the customers’ minds.

    Why Choose IBEX Packaging as Your Packaging Partner?

    IBEX Packaging is a team of professionals dedicated to serving all manufacturing businesses by allowing them to present themselves in the market stylishly.

    Our professional packaging specialists, consultants, graphic designers, manufacturers, printers, and customer support executives are a master of their own expertise. Developing a connection with a brand is more complicated than product production. Therefore, they are dedicated to making your product attractive and eye-catching on store shelves.

    Transformed custom packaging solutions

    IBEX Packaging is one of those packaging firms contributing to the transformation of custom packaging. We have stepped up in this industry because we want to bring creativity to this business. Here, we believe that quality in packaging is what matters actually.

    More importantly, we bring this ideology in our custom printed boxes wholesale that complement your branding style. Your products will develop your brand reputation in the market, which is possible only when you use custom printed boxes prepared by IBEX Packaging.

    When you partner with us, we are responsible for branding you in the market with our stylishly designed custom printed boxes. In this way, we put all our efforts with heart into manufacturing custom boxes that can grab your customers’ attention more effectively.

    It is what we call dedication that you deserve. We claim it because we want to grow together and bring your brand into the limelight by providing you custom printed boxes wholesale.

    The Steps that Provide You Custom Printed Boxes

    Using top-notch packaging material is critical in this regard. It is because quality materials enhance the look of printing. With that, we craft these boxes with complete care.

    At IBEX Packaging, our utmost priority is excellent craftsmanship anyway. More importantly, we facilitate our clients with quality design elements. We also provide them with stirring add-on options, such as multiple coating choices and printing techniques. Some of the top features that IBEX Packaging offers are:

    • Matte or glossy lamination
    • Spot UV
    • Flexographic printing
    • Digital printing
    • Litho Label Printing

    All these appealing coatings and printing will add a luxurious touch to your ordinary-looking packaging boxes. At IBEX Packaging, we also ensure that you get vintage printed custom packaging boxes at economical wholesale rates.

    We also ensure that you get your bulk orders in the fastest turnaround time, which can be seven to twelve days. Moreover, we provide you with free design support.

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

    The market is full of competition. Therefore, you need to come up in the market with some marvelous ideas. With custom presentation boxes, we give your product a tint of luxuriousness and individuality to help it stand out in the market.

    At IBEX Packaging, we understand the value of winning packaging. It is what speaks to the customer before your expectation. So, when you win the hearts of your customers, at first sight, it is for sure that you will be in their hearts for a long time.

    At IBEX Packaging, we help you customize and design your product’s packaging in such a way that it communicates to the customers the benefits of buying and using your product.

    If you do not do so, you must remember that the customers in the present era are also knowledgeable. Poor packaging immediately tells them they have a product in their hand that does not belong to a brand. In this situation, they even leave the best product.

    High-quality custom-printed boxes

    All these reasons convince us to recommend our clients invest their money into manufacturing high-quality custom-printed boxes. Here, you may ask for the price. Generally, brands pay a lot for custom printed boxes, as they are under the value of these packaging solutions.

    However, the value of these boxes is more for small businesses and startups. The reason is that they need to build up their reputation in the market. It is because the customers do not know much about you. Here, developing an impression is a must, which is possible only when you attract customers using custom printed boxes.

    IBEX Packaging understands the budget issues that small businesses may face while ordering custom printed boxes. Therefore, we facilitate small businesses and startups so that they can get their small orders at the same rate that we offer to corporates.

    Moreover, we provide you with free designs, customization, and shipping to ensure you get the best prices in the market. Our fastest turnaround time of five to seven days also helps you get your orders timely and win the opportunities.

    Avail the Best Opportunity to Market Your Brand with Logo Printed Boxes

    At IBEX Packaging, we allow you to easily customize your rigid boxes according to the requirements and specifications of your product. This way, we ensure that the packaging solution is suitable for your product in size and shape.

    It helps show your customers that the packaging box is solely tailored to the specific product. Doing so means the significance and value of your product increase. Generally, we recommend using cardboard to prepare custom printed boxes wholesale.

    We use this material because it allows us to enhance the look of the box by using quality printing techniques. This material is the best for customizing the design and color according to your requirement. So, you can fulfill all your dreams related to packaging.

    Custom packaging is the key to creating a long-lasting impression on your customers’ minds. It is one of the best options to create a brand identity that will never fade away. You will learn by using custom printed boxes the value of this branding technique.

    Having a beautifully printed company logo, slogan, and name at the most prominent place of the cardboard packaging box means that your product is ready to target the market more aggressively.

    IBEX Packaging Offers Printed Packaging Boxes at Affordable Rates

    Custom packaging allows you to take control of your product by using our packaging options. We assure you that these options will make you prominent on store shelves.

    We also offer to order a minimum quantity of boxes, choose high-resolution images relevant to your product, and select printing options according to your brand’s taste and standard. You can get the best packaging solution while partnering with IBEX Packaging.

    Customer Support Staff and Designing Experts of IBEX Packaging

    To address all your queries, concerns, and suggestions, our customer support staff remains available to you via chatting, email, phone calls, WhatsApp, and Skype. You can coordinate with us 24/7 by using our online chatting tool. Calling is available to you during office hours. Last but not least is that we reply to your emails within 24 hours.

    Our designers are also available to you during office hours to listen to your suggestions, allow you to customize the designs, and recommend their suggestions. So, contact us now by choosing any of the options above or on the website and get an instant response.

    Why IBEX Packaging?

    At IBEX Packaging, you partner with one of the most professional teams of designers, printers, and other members that have been serving the packaging industry for years. They note down your every little requirement and work according to your instructions and product specifications.

    Another important aspect is that you do not need to hire your packaging team. Outsourcing packaging to IBEX Packaging resolves all your issues, and you can focus more on other sales generation aspects.

    Our support is also available to small businesses and startups who cannot afford an in-house packaging team. So, you can coordinate with our designers during office hours when you need assistance.

    If you still have queries, contact us now and get an instant and positive response from IBEX Packaging.

    What People Say

    Happy Customers

    IBEX Packaging has been helping thousands of businesses globally achieve their organizational goals to become a brand through great packaging options. We prepare custom packaging boxes that exceed your expectations and grab your customers’ attention to convince them to buy your products instantly.