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Small Business, Big Impact: How Custom Rigid Boxes Drive Success?

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Remember what you love the most when opening a product as a buyer. It is the confirmation that first impressions are crucial for a small business because once you have satisfied your customers when they buy your product for the first time or unbox it, your first target is achieved. You can grow and grab new customers’ attention. To put the maximum effort into creating this first impression for your small business, custom rigid boxes are the ones that actually improve the unboxing experience of a new customer.

The business world is a sea of competition, as various brands have been fighting to distinguish themselves. To survive here, you must also follow the same tactics. What are these tactics? Packaging is the first thing your customers observe and experience. And choosing rigid boxes means you have distinguishably described your brand.

Why is Rigid Packaging Vital for Small Businesses?

Custom packaging is an excellent option for small businesses. Why is it so? Unique looks always attract individuals; the same happens when multiple products are displayed on store shelves. Customers love choosing attractive products, and rigid boxes ensures your products dominate store shelves. Small businesses need customer attention; with rigid boxes wholesale, they get it and develop their brand reputation.

This discussion has confirmed that small businesses can grab their customers’ attention only by creating the first impression, maximizing the entertainment during unboxing, and displaying uniqueness. All these targets can be achieved with the help of rigid boxes wholesale.

However, routine rigid packaging options do not work according to your expectations, and small businesses need additional features in their packaging options to significantly impact their customers’ minds and drive success. The following discussion is based on the impact you have developed on customers’ minds with personalized sturdy packaging with lids.

Describe Your Brand Enthusiastically

Branding is vital to becoming a brand, and if your branding strategy is not good, you cannot get what you have been expecting.

You may have the best products on the market. Perhaps, you have chosen one of the best branding strategies. However, a strategy can only create a win-win situation for your small business with custom box packaging. And if you have chosen custom-printed rigid boxes, you may face a free space where no significant competitors are in your surroundings.

To understand how brand story works, we need to understand the science behind the three-act structure we can observe in film making through which film producers make film viewers. The exact process we need in making a customer.

In this customer-centric strategy, packaging has the role of an introductory act. On the other hand, the product plays the role of rising action. And when customers decide finally after using the product, it is called resolution.

Attract Your Customers from the Start

Let us go back to the initial discussion of this article. “First impression is the last impression” can be experienced in its originality when customers love the packaging or viewers enjoy a film poster or trailer. If you have achieved this target, but customers or viewers do not like the product inside, the rest of the acts would not produce the results. If the packaging is not good, the following actions will drastically hurt.

Therefore, quality packaging, especially rigid box packaging, deserves excellent appreciation. The reason is that customers decide about your products after exploring packaging, and if you have told the brand story excitedly, they will react accordingly. However, the second target must also be achieved to become a brand.

Elevate Customer Experience

So, let us leave the first-impression discussion behind and move forward.

Customers are always searching for their favourite products, and when they see these items packed in beautifully-designed luxury presentation boxes, you can expect their excitement. They look motivated to experience their favourite product packed in stylish branded boxes. In the marketing language, we call it the unboxing experience.

We need to mention again, although you feel irritated. Only great packaging makes your product great, and if you have not used excellent custom packaging of rigid material, we cannot confirm that you will succeed as a brand.

Here are some statistics that will help you understand why we are claiming it again and again.

      • A WOW packaging factor can convince almost 70% of customers to buy your product once again, and it is reversed if this enticing factor is missing.

      • More than 60% of customers confirm they choose a particular brand once again only due to the printed rigid boxes they use.

      • Almost half of the customers recommend only those products to customers who use rigid boxes wholesale to present them stylishly.

      • The impact of branded packaging can be observed on social media platforms because 40% of customers confirm they share a particular product on social media because they love the packaging of their favorite products.

      • Unboxing videos encourage 35% of new customers to buy your products, and these videos are uploaded if you have been providing an extraordinary unboxing experience. In some studies, this percentage can be up to 55%.

    You have only a few options to ignore custom rigid packaging. However, the following discussion will help you change your mind entirely.

    You Have a Chance to Improve Your Perceived Value

    Not only is the unboxing experience necessary, but the packaging also determines your brand value as a small business. Most customers ignore standard boxes and choose only custom boxes, especially when buying expensive items. It means customers’ expectations are higher, and you must match them through rigid boxes, a mix of standard and trendy boxes.

    When putting your brand name and logo on your custom rigid box packaging, it shows you want your customers must remember you. Therefore, providing them with such an unboxing experience they may remember for a long time is essential. The above statistics confirm this effort works and leads the companies to develop their brand loyalty among customers.

    How to Create Brand Retention with Rigid Box Packaging?

    When customers notice you have put maximum effort into producing their favourite product, they start believing in your brand. It simply confirms you have developed brand loyalty. Custom rigid gift boxes show you love your products, and this message is conveyed to your customers. Therefore, in the continuation of our discussion, providing a memorable experience ensures you are becoming a permanent of store shelves if you have invested in the packaging with the help of packaging manufacturers.

    Personalised Rigid packaging Pay Back to You

    Brand loyalty and retention mean you have satisfied customers in the market, and if you have loyal customers, you will definitely increase your sales. And increased sales can cover your packaging costs. However, small businesses may be concerned about the costs of rigid packaging options. Therefore, they may target the market with standard boxes.

    Here, we want to mention that even a small business can consider these boxes because developing brand reputation is vital to success, and custom rigid box packaging creates it. So, if you have satisfied customers, expensive packaging does not hurt you.

    Overall, by having a good product with excellent packaging, you will succeed as a brand. Moreover, when you start increasing your sales, it confirms that your customers love your product and its packaging simultaneously.

    A Snowballing Effect

    Small businesses need something extraordinary that can make an impression on the customers buying a branded product. If you succeed in it, the chances are you will also succeed in branding, and  personalized rigid packaging help you ensure this success instantly.

    If you are thinking that these boxes are expensive, we want to say this investment is becoming a worthy decision. So, decide about custom rigid packaging boxes and start preparing yourself as a corporate.

    Why IBEX Packaging?

    Many box manufacturers are in the USA and your surroundings. However, finding a reliable packaging manufacturer has always been a challenging task. Only previous performance and customer reviews confirm you are a firm customer relies on. When partnering with IBEX Packaging, we recommend you first explore our catalogue of custom rigid boxes. It will tell you how we have supported businesses in developing their brand reputation. Moreover, you can also explore our existing customers’ reviews that tell you how we work and produce results for you at the most affordable rates.

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    How Many Packaging Styles Are Available for Rigid Packaging?

    We have developed dozens of custom rigid material packaging for various customers. Here are a few examples of rigid packaging boxes we provide:

      Share details if you have something different in your mind or have explored other rigid packaging options. We ensure you will get precisely what you are expecting.

      How Many Sizes of Rigid Packaging Boxes Do You Offer?

      IBEX Packaging offers custom durable rigid packaging. It simply means you can customize the size of these boxes according to your product size, the inserts you want to include, and dividers according to the number of products you want to add. So, the size of rigid packaging is not an issue at all.

      Is Inside Printing Available?

      Yes, you can avail this service without the hassle. We are the experts in printing and have established this reputation after spending over a decade in the market.

      Do You Ship Globally or Only in The United States?

      Our shipping services are available for all our customers regardless of their location. More importantly, these shipping services are free for all our valued customers.

      When Are We Receiving Our Rigid Boxes After Confirming the Order?

      Generally, our turnaround time remains between seven and 12 days. All your orders are delivered to your doorstep within 12 business days.


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      About Stephen Fowler

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