Custom Sleeve Boxes

Packaging Sleeves, when added to the ordinary boxes, can make your product stand out. To pack smaller products like Candies, Pencils, Chocolates, Keyrings, and many other promotional items, custom sleeve boxes are the best option available. Box and sleeve add more protection to the product against contamination and dust particles. At Ibex Packaging, you can customize box sleeves as you like in terms of colors and patterns or in size as per your needs. Add more elegance to packaging sleeves with our special finishing options like Embossing, Debossing, Foil stamping, windows, lamination, and many more. Order now from IBEX Packaging and get your boxes at the best rates with free shipping and the fastest turnaround time.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Stock
  • Precise Sizing
  • Accurate Colors
  • Lively Printing
  • Maximum Strength & Retention

Why IBEX Packaging

  • As Low as 100 boxes
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 14 Days Turnaround time
  • Free Design Support

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      Custom Packaging FAQs

      You may be wrong if you think that packaging is a small task, and we do not need to bother much about its strategies, procedures, and techniques. There is certainly a lot about the packaging you must learn as a businessman and consider numerous aspects. It leads to a lot of questions. Here, we have tried to answer some burning questions at IBEX Packaging. So, here are some frequently asked questions about custom packaging boxes:
      An absolute yes to this question! The texture of any specific material with printing helps create the impact you expect from your Custom Sleeve Boxes . For example, if you have chosen darker materials and matte textures, it is evident that the printed images and other content will be more subdued and darker.
      Gone are the days when using only a post office box was enough and business owners expected that they would improve their sales. Now, you need to make unboxing a memorable experience for your customers. Therefore, it is essential to come into the market with something different, which is possible only when you introduce your products packed in Custom Sleeve Boxes.
      Yes, your order must be as low as 100 Custom Sleeve Boxes. However, for rigid boxes, we do not restrict our customers.

      IBEX Packaging provides one of the best turnaround times globally. Generally, we take 7-12 working days to deliver your order. However, shipping location and order size matter considerably to deliver your order within a tight deadline.


      Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


      Packaging at affordable prices.


      100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


      Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.

      Features & Services

      IBEX Packaging is a renowned name in the packaging world that helps you survive as a brand with some unique features while preparing custom sleeve boxes.

      01 Material Selection

      Packaging material has a significant role in engaging customers and developing brand reputation. For sleeve boxes, we use eco-friendly cardboard and other suitable materials.

      02 Lithographic Printing

      Only sleeve boxes do not help customers remember you single-handedly. Lithographic printing on custom sleeve boxes convince your customers through beautifully-printed information.

      03 Premium Finishing

      Finishing options are for displaying your products in a way your competitors never know. So, include IBEX Packaging's premium finishing options in custom sleeve boxes.

      04 Eco-Friendly Solutions

      Sustainable packaging means you are concerned about environmental issues faced by us currently. IBEX Packaging helps you achieve it with custom eco-friendly sleeve boxes

      Finishing with Excellence

      You can never keep your customers attached if you do not show yourself better than your competitors. Custom sleeve boxes with excellent finishing options help you become prominent, and IBEX Packaging makes it possible for you cost-efficiently.

      High Gloss

      Some packaging options need something special if you want to gain the maximum. Glossing is one of the best options to prominently present your products while including additional features in custom sleeve boxes made by IBEX Packaging.

      Soft Matte

      Did you ever choose a product just after touching its packaging? We have done it already, which generally happens when packaging firms use soft matte. It adds an enticing look to custom packaging boxes and grabs customers’ attention efficiently.

      Spot UV

      Making your brand name, slogan, and company names prominent means you want to promote your brand. So, if you have the same plan, ask IBEX Packaging about Spot UV, and we will laminate specific places to grab your customers and win their hearts.

      Foil Stamping

      It also helps you brand yourself. Foil stamping means giving your required printing space golden or silver shades. You can also utilize this stamping to aggressively tell about your features, which remain behind the scene but can give you a competitive edge.
      Sleeve Boxes
      Custom Sleeve Boxes

      Sleeve Boxes as a Great Marketing Tool

      Custom packaging boxes have been used as a marketing tool for decades now. It is time to think about packaging on a scientific basis to engage customers in a way that they intentionally ignore all the stuff your competitors displayed. Beautifully-printed messages on sleeves can create a tremendous impact on customers’ minds. However, choosing the right material can be the most crucial task to create such an impact your products deserve.

      Mockup Creation

      We never keep blinding our customers and informing them about everything necessary to share; creating mockups and sending them to the customers is our first step after finalizing a design.

      CAD Samples

      Another move to keep you informed is preparing CAD samples and sharing them with you. This effort can be costly for IBEX Packaging. However, our ultimate aim is to keep our customers satisfied throughout the process and even after that.

      Quality Assurance

      When receiving custom sleeve boxes, we ensure you receive no damaged, errored, or broken boxes. For that, we have developed our independent quality assurance department that does not take any pressure from the production team and delivers only perfection.

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