Soap Boxes

Unique, stylish, and custom-designed soap boxes are the main reason due to which customers prefer to buy soap. Highlighting your products on a retail market shelf is the only solution to catch the attention of the customers. Therefore, using soap boxes will help you not only attract the customers but also preserve the quality of the soap. The artistically-designed soap boxes, offered by IBEX Packaging, make sure that your soaps are making a mark in the market. We also offer exclusive printing techniques and colors to confer more beauty to soap boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Stock
  • Precise Sizing
  • Accurate Colors
  • Lively Printing
  • Maximum Strength & Retention

Why IBEX Packaging

  • As Low as 100 boxes
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 14 Days Turnaround time
  • Free Design Support

Payment Options:

Payment Option - visa , paypal etc

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      Custom Packaging FAQs

      You may be wrong if you think that packaging is a small task, and we do not need to bother much about its strategies, procedures, and techniques. There is certainly a lot about the packaging you must learn as a businessman and consider numerous aspects. It leads to a lot of questions. Here, we have tried to answer some burning questions at IBEX Packaging. So, here are some frequently asked questions about custom packaging boxes:
      An absolute yes to this question! The texture of any specific material with printing helps create the impact you expect from your Soap Boxes . For example, if you have chosen darker materials and matte textures, it is evident that the printed images and other content will be more subdued and darker.
      Gone are the days when using only a post office box was enough and business owners expected that they would improve their sales. Now, you need to make unboxing a memorable experience for your customers. Therefore, it is essential to come into the market with something different, which is possible only when you introduce your products packed in Soap Boxes.
      Yes, your order must be as low as 100 Soap Boxes. However, for rigid boxes, we do not restrict our customers.

      IBEX Packaging provides one of the best turnaround times globally. Generally, we take 7-12 working days to deliver your order. However, shipping location and order size matter considerably to deliver your order within a tight deadline.


      Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


      Packaging at affordable prices.


      100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


      Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.

      Features & Offerings

      Our core features and offerings give brands a competitive edge in the retail rivalry while facilitating them with the creation of personalized soap boxes.

      01 Material Choice

      You can choose how your bespoke soap boxes turn out with various stock grades. Paperboard, Kraft, and corrugated are typical substrates for most uses.

      02 Lithographic Printing Technique

      We employ unique lithographic printing to generate results like no other, to ensure our custom soap boxes offer the most outstanding quality.

      03 Luxury Finish

      Explore our massive variety of surface finishes to embellish your custom soap boxes. The numerous décor options make your soap packaging stand out from the rest.

      04 Eco-friendly Solution

      Now, environmentally aware business owners have more choices for packaging soap boxes. Using our eco-friendly packaging, you may lessen your carbon footprint on the globe.

      A High-End Finish

      With the help of our cutting-edge tools and techniques, you can print on both sides of your soapbox and decorate it however you like. Explore potential upgrades to your regular items as you navigate the massive list of advantages our custom soap boxes provide.

      High Gloss Ink

      Ink with a high gloss has a very lustrous quality that quickly appeals to the audience. Anyone who looks at your product will be captivated by its vivid, reflecting, and vibrant appearance. The beautiful shine that high gloss ink imparts to anything it is applied to is what sets it apart from other inks.

      Matte Texture

      Due to its enticing feel, the soft matte texture has long enjoyed favor in our soap boxes. The matte sensation you experience in your grip is just so alluring. So, we give your soap boxes a velvety matte texture in any color you desire and infuse this alluring sensation into them.

      Spot UV

      To give a box a glossy appearance, we use the spot UV technique, which involves laminating ink over only certain graphics or text on your box.

      Dry Stamping

      Dry Stamping, also referred to as Foil Stamping, is another technique that enhances the Prestige of your brand. Using foil stamping, you can present your logo and brand in luminous silver or gold shades. When your audience first sees foil stamping, they instantly perceive premium quality.
      Soap Boxes
      Custom Soap Boxes

      Our State-of-the-art Custom Soap Boxes

      Get hold of tuck-top soap boxes, personalized cardboard soap boxes, and corrugated soap boxes manufactured in the forms, sizes, and designs of your choice. These boxes come with premium packaging services, and shipping is completely free.

      Producing a Model

      Buy our customized cardboard, corrugated, and tuck-top soap boxes that are produced in your envisioned shapes, sizes, and layouts. Premium packaging services are included with these boxes, and shipping is totally free. Our elegant soap boxes serve two purposes primarily. They are compelling and long-lasting, making them an investment that will pay off for you in the long term.

      CAD Samples

      On request, we may deliver you a prototype of your box before you place a bulk order and that too, for modest charges. In addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, this allows us to make final product adjustments beforehand.

      Quality Control

      We seriously prioritize the quality of our products and our customers’ experiences. Because of this, each manufactured box must pass several quality control checks and specifications before it is approved for shipping to the end-user.

      Customers Also Looked For

      You can print on both sides of your soapbox and customize it however you like with the help of our state-of-the-art tools and processes. As you progress through the extensive list of benefits our personalized soap boxes offer, consider prospective improvements to your standard products.