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You don’t want your product left out and abandoned on retail shelves? While other competitors take center stage due to their mind-blowing packaging design. Packaging can be the defining point of sales in an overly saturated market.

According to an online survey (Dotcom Distribution), more than 61% of people responded that they are more than likely to purchase a luxury product more often if it is provided in premium packaging.

You cannot believe packaging is just about a product exterior, it’s actually the start of something exciting – the journey of ‘How to Package Your Product for Retail. It’s the very first hello between your brand and customer, and it sticks in their mind for a long time. A carefully crafted packaging design enhances branding, increases customer interaction, and influences potential first-time sales.

According to a 2018 WestRock research paper regarding packaging, 52% of people change brands due to packaging.

In this article, we understand the concepts of achieving more sales and positive branding while achieving customer satisfaction through efficient product packaging. We will understand the various aspects of retail packaging from its role in marketing, branding, and efficient usage.

It would be best to have unique retail shelf packaging to capture customer attention among competitive brands. Moreover, you only have a very short period to capture the attention of your intended target audience through packaging.

Unlike other online retail businesses, you must perform or fail, as there aren’t any second chances in the retail market if your packaging does not work. We will look at various techniques to make your packaging ideal and competitive while reinforcing your brand identity.

Making a Solid Packaging Impression

In the retail industry, your product packaging must play a significant role and act as your ideal branding ambassador. It needs to communicate your positive brand values and tell a unique story.

Making your packaging design pop out among the retail competition while strengthening your brand identity would be best. With millions of products competing for attention on leading retail store shelves, you only have a small time window to interact with your customers.

Comply with Product Packaging Laws

Your products for the retail market must satisfy all legalities and safety standards associated with the industry. You must comply with the latest packaging trends and mention all required labeling components, such as ingredients, allergens, hazardous materials, and usage information.

Understand Retail Audience

Many brands fail to create an impact with their product packaging in the retail market because they cannot connect with their customers. Moreover, they need to provide a unique experience with their products’ packaging in order to gain a positive product branding experience.

It would be best if you tailored your consumer goods packaging according to your intended retail customer’s preferences and demographics. Moreover, properly understanding what customers expect from your packaging will help you achieve more recognition and sales.

Packaging of Consumer Retail Goods as Per Types

When it comes to packaging retail products, you have many options ranging from boxes, bags, pouches, and blister packs. You need to determine what type of packaging best suits your products according to its particular size and functions.

Boxes: An Elegant Choice

Boxes An Elegant Choice

These provide an elegant way to package your products for the retail market and are suitable for various categories of products. Moreover, they provide an ideal space for communicating branding and promotions for any kind of retail environment, such as using custom sleeve boxes.

Some of the major types of packaging boxes include display boxes and mailer boxes, custom corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and folding cardboard boxes.   

Bags and Pouches: Flexible Packaging

These are ideal for packaging products that are less valuable and don’t require too much protection. Moreover, pouches and bags don’t require too many sturdy materials and offer the customer excellent convenience and flexibility for quick transportation and ease of use.

Blister Packs and Clamshells: See the Product

Sometimes, people want to observe and get a feel of your product to make a purchase. Blister and clamshell packaging enable business transparency, which increases the trustworthiness of the brand.

Custom vs Regular Packaging

There are many benefits to adopting custom packaging for brands, which include brand awareness, a positive unboxing experience, premium brand identity, beautiful presentation, affordable marketing, customization options, increased customer interaction, and maximum protection.

On the other hand, sometimes you don’t want to spend too much resources on your products to remain competitive and achieve significant time-saving. For these, you can utilize off-the-shelf simple packaging solutions for products that don’t require a specially targeted audience.

Creating Innovative Packaging Designs for Retail

Your packaging design for the retail market needs to build a unique brand narrative. Its visual design and aesthetics should match its brand value and provide a cohesive branding experience. Moreover, packaging such as custom folding boxes must be memorable so that customers remember your brand.

For example, you would remember your holiday gift packaging because it was presented in beautifully decorated custom pillow gift boxes with ribbons, candy sticks, and assorted snowflakes.

Colorful packaging can also play a significant role in retail sales due to color psychology, which affects people’s product-buying behaviors. By making the right choices of colors for packaging, you can achieve increased sales and better buying experiences.

Imagery and Typography Selection for Packaging

In the retail sector, you must convey powerful messages aligning with your target audience. Using special fonts and typography on the packaging is crucial for delivering your brand’s positive values, trustworthiness, promises, and beliefs with regard to branding.

Take, for example, the case of the Yogurt brand “Chobani,” which decided to change its packaging design to distinguish itself from similar-looking competitors using artisan design, rustic fonts, and hand-drawn images. 

Chobani Packaging

Role of Packaging for End User Products

Custom consumer packaging, such as custom candle boxes, can greatly create customer engagement, provide sturdy protection, and increase the retail market’s brand value and product sales.

Many new brands need to establish positive brand recognition for their ideal customer, which they can do by using packaging materials such as custom cardboard boxes. Moreover, you don’t need to go overboard while allocating huge sums for product marketing campaigns.

Beautiful Presentation

In today’s competitive retail market, you must stand through innovative packaging solutions, such as using beautiful custom mailer boxes, to create a special bond with your customers.

You can utilize consumer packaging options for your bakery brand using beautifully decorated custom brownie box packaging to capture the attention of your customers. Moreover, you will also provide them a sneak peek, enabling you to win the hearts of your customers easily.

Take, for example, the case of the Ole candy brand from Spain, which provides special retail candy packaging for kids in uniquely designed custom display boxes with an eye-catching design that encourages curiosity.

Beautiful Presentation

Positive Retail Unboxing Experiences

When buying new products, people want to experience something new and exciting, so providing them with desired luxury products in innovative packaging solutions such as custom Kraft boxes reinforces positive unboxing and dramatically enhances product usage experiences.

Innovative Product Packaging

You want to introduce your consumer-grade products in leading stores in the best possible way in order to maintain your brand reputation. One example can be of using reed diffuser boxes for your premium liquid products.

Sometimes, you must go out of the way to develop new innovative packaging solutions for retail stores, like using cute custom die cut boxes for pastry packaging. Take, for example, the innovative packaging design using recycled materials for the “Water for Change” company.

Another example of innovative packaging design is water-activated self-heating Chinese food packaging introduced by Ba Shun Lan Ren.

Innovative Product Packaging

More Retail Sales

Sometimes, small changes in product packaging design can lead to a significant increase in retail sales. Take, for example, the famous “RXBAR” protein bar packaging design. While catchy, a new packaging design approach increased its sales from $2 million to $160 million in 2017.

More Retail Sales

Premium Value

People are willing to pay more for a premium brand. Therefore, you must align and position your branded products as a premium category. An example of exceptional premium custom rigid box packaging is Rolex’s luxury watch boxes.

Increases Packaging Value for Sales

People appreciate the unique brand value associated with products; therefore, people are appreciating new packaging trends such as using custom eco friendly boxes or scented box packaging for products.

Consumers want to promote recycled packaging materials, encourage product reusability, and adopt eco-friendly packaging to lower environmental pollution.

Packaging Creates Unique Bonds

You need to create a unique bond with your ideal customers using creative retail product packaging. Moreover, you can create great experiences with your ideal customers using various consumer packaging that reinforces your brand connection with your target audience.

One way that you can easily connect with your target audience is by using custom product boxes that emphasize uniqueness and individuality for your customers. Starbucks promotes a tradition of bonding with the customer using holiday season packaging for their customers.


Packaging design for retail can significantly reinforce your premium brand image and values among your target audience. No matter what design strategy you use for packaging your retail products, it should provide a seamless and cohesive branding design for all products.


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