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Packaging selection – Some interesting facts to consider

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As the retail business continues to evolve, especially after a surge in ecommerce, the way brand marketing is done is also undergoing a revolution. Today, packaging has become one of the most pivotal and decisive factor when it comes to branding.

Here is a thorough description of why is it important to have a professional packaging and what makes your packaging up to the mark so that you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Why Does It Matter?

The dynamics of business, especially that related to consumer products, have undergone unprecedented change over the years. Marketing for retail products is not the same as it used to be a decade ago.

Packaging today has become a part and parcel of the product itself. You can not survive (let alone thrive) in today’s competitive market without a compelling packaging for your brand.

Here are just a few reasons why you can’t do without customized, cutting edge packaging for your product.

  • The first and foremost purpose served by your packaging box is to product the product inside. Especially, in the world of ecommerce, the products usually have to travel a distance before it reaches the customer. Hence, a sturdy box protects the product against the challenges of rough transit and keeps it from being damaged.
  • Packaging acts as the first touch point for your customers, and hence it is the most important factor in creating that first impression.

Have you ever had a chance to see a retail store’s shelf pouring with the same products from different brands? Which one would attract your attention? Obviously the one that pleases your sight the most.

A customer recognizes a product by its packaging. According to a study by International Journal of Sciences, customized packaging has a direct impact on brand recognition and awareness

Packaging box is the first thing customers see when they receive your product, and it can make a significant impact on their decision to purchase from you again. Hence, packaging helps enhance sales, broaden the customer base, and retain the acquired customers by creating unforgettable brand identity.

The impact of packaging on brand loyalty is acknowledged by a study conducted by International Journal of Economics, Business, and Management Research.

According to this study, customers are more likely to be loyal and develop trust for a brand which has compelling packaging.

In short, professional packaging is vital for not only protecting the product but also because it ensures brand identification and creates loyalty towards the brand.

Keeping in mind this pivotal role of packaging in retail business, given below are a few factors to look upon to ensure that your packaging is competitive.

1. Sturdiness

Since, provision of utmost protection is the first and foremost function of any packaging, going for the perfect level of strength in crucial for the functionality of your box.

Here, the level of required durability is dependent upon the nature of the product to be packed. While some fragile items might require highly protective packaging with additional cushioning, other products might do well with just a simple cardboard box printed with your logo.

Variety of packaging materials are offered by the packaging companies according to the requirements. For example, you can go for wooden or plastic packaging materials when the need for durability is high.

On the other hand, cardboard boxes with varying strengths with or without cushioning can be ordered when the requirement for sturdiness is not very high.

2. Quality of Printing and Labelling

Printing has one of the main roles to play when it comes to giving an image to your brand. Not only does the quality of print matters, even the text placement can have a great visual impact.

Here, make sure you do not go for overcrowded, verbose boxes. Too much text can undermine the aesthetic appeal.

Ranging from the color scheme you choose, to the font and lettering of logo, minutest details can have the greatest impact in attracting the customers and giving your brand a face with which your audience remembers you.

3. Greener Options

The audience today have grown conscious about the contribution they can make towards a better, greener planet. Especially when it comes to packaging, people prefer those brands which are environment conscious and play their role by avoiding non-biodegradable materials.

Going for the reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable options can help you build goodwill while ensuring a better planet for the generations to come. So, choose the packaging material wisely.

4. Budget

Budget is another decisive factor when selecting the packaging material. If you prefer premium packaging, it would certainly cost you more bucks. However, you do have some low-cost options as well.

The trick here is to strike a perfect balance between the cost and quality. You would certainly not want to compromise on quality while trying a save a few bucks.

Were materials like glass, wood, and leather etc. might give your box an elite look, they will a bit heavier on your pocket as compared to cardboard, kraft, and other such materials.

One useful strategy adopted by many brands in this regard is to go for regular cardboard packaging for your products and occasionally introduce new additions or promotions in premium packaging from time to time instead of sticking to the later for a long time.

5. Size and Shape of Packaging

last but not the least, a perfect size and shape depending upon the nature of your product is crucial in selecting a perfect packaging. It can directly impact the transportation cost.

Hence, it should not take too much space on the vehicle and still provide a perfect fit for the product.

Moreover, the shape of the box should be combination of novelty and functionality. Here you can be a bit creative and go for a unique eyecatcher while keeping in view the shape of the product itself.


Undoubtedly, packaging has a huge impact on branding. It gives your company a recognizable face and sometimes, even the quality of product becomes secondary because no one is going to pick it up from a crowded shelf until they are attracted by the packaging.

So, for you to survive in a congested market, up the ante with an eye-catching packaging. It should ideally provide a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.



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