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The packaging design of a product plays an important role in enhancing visual aesthetics through innovative box design ideas. The concept of packaging design has greatly evolved with time, as you now have unlimited customization opportunities.

So, do you think you have gained an edge in the market by choosing cardboard boxes for your products? Nope, as the competitive market comprises social media posts and live product unboxing sessions, you have to go beyond with unique retail packaging ideas to gain the upper hand.

According to a recent survey poll by the Paper and Packaging Board, 67% of people believe that cardboard and paper packaging is a more appealing and attractive material for packaging than others.

People today have a lot of purchasing options. They are not limited to the availability of products in local areas – or even abroad. People want to enjoy a fantastic shopping journey, whether they are checking out local e-commerce stores or retail stores. And they want their products’ packaging to make them feel special.

Now, what makes your unique brand stand out? Maybe it’s a positive unboxing experience, brand image, and customer loyalty, but most likely, product packaging is a major factor to consider.

So, how important are products Shipping Box Design Ideas for your businesses? Well, consider the following.

According to a journal article “The Influence of Creative Packaging Design on Customer Motivation to Process and Purchase Decisions,” it was found that packaging design can induce customer curiosity for purchase under certain conditions.

Don’t consider these ideas for box designing unworthy. You need to come up with innovative yet realistic and practical packaging solutions to take full advantage of its potential.

Innovative packaging will make your products look more attractive and unique, which can help your brand stand out in the market. Are you having trouble coming up with creative packaging designs for your products?

If yes, don’t worry, as we are leading packaging box manufacturers in the USA, you will get unique and beautiful retail packaging Ideas and important steps to take note of for your valuable products.

Let’s dig in

Critical Factors to Consider for Box Designs


Impressive and appealing box designs like the one above reflect your brand’s deep values and help you attain distinction from major competitors.

When brainstorming shipping box design ideas, you need to understand their essential purpose. Here are some important fundamentals that you must consider regarding box packaging designs.

Box Design Should Reinforce Your Branding

Your product boxes need to be sturdy, but you must not ignore their external appearance. In order to create strong brand awareness, your packaging needs to create a strong first impression.

A product’s packaging is not something that you wish to ignore. To completely take advantage of this strong marketing medium, you must adopt successful packaging design trends that make your branding cohesive and unique.

You can take advantage of various leading packaging design services to make your products stand out from the competition. Beautiful and eye-catching graphics increase on-the-shelf sales and promote product branding, reinforcing customer trust for quality experience.

Strategic Packaging: Branding and Information

In today’s world, people are curious about what’s in the products they buy. Let’s explore how your product packaging can provide useful information and promote your brand at the same time. So, your brand’s packaging should provide accurate information such as ingredients, usage instructions, allergens, and expiry dates about the inside content.

You can also provide branding information for your customers. A customized box can provide an ideal marketing medium where you can advertise your latest product promotions, social media channels, website, or contact information.

A Box Should Protect Its Contents

As a top priority, your brand’s box needs to protect its contents placed inside. Whatever box-type design idea you choose, you need to ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Your product-type packaging needs to be tamper tamper-proof and made from sturdy materials. No customer will appreciate beautiful packaging if they receive crumbled cookies or damaged posters.

Marketing Factors for Box Design

Marketing Factors for Box Design

Once you are done deciding on your product box’s critical functions, you must think about its design plan. To come up with your ideal shipping box design ideas, you need to answer certain questions:

What Do You Sell?

A box can be created for any product with varying dimensions, thickness, shapes, or sizes, so you need to secure an accurate type of box by having a clear idea of your final product.

The box size will determine what kind of product weight it can bear and what options you have. Heavy or fragile products might need corrugated boxes, which provide extra protection.

On the other hand, lighter products might fit well with cardboard boxes. You also need to consider whether you need only one type of box for packing or you can pack multiple products in a single box.

Do You Know Your Target Audience?

You need to properly understand your ideal customers, whether you are selling services or products. Think about which people you are appealing to. Consider local target audience demographics, as you must consider your customer’s age, location, income, and preferences. 

You might be thinking of marketing your Kraft box products to a friendly audience, or you are trying to upscale your brownie sales to Gen Z? You must maintain consistency across all your commercial channels, including social media, websites, and retail boxes.

The product presentation box design you use should reflect your cohesive branding. A box can be the first contact that your customers see regarding your brand’s product. So you need to select boxes that truly present you’re your brand in the best way possible.


According to Statista research department, the global luxury packaging market value is estimated to surpass $ 22 billion by 2025.

13 Box Design Ideas for Exceptional Packaging


Alright, now that you have some idea of fundamental design elements. Now let’s check out some eye-catching and crafty design ideas for your products. 

1. Tell a Story

Sabadi Torroni

Storytelling is a great way to build your brand reputation with your customers. Stories provide a great medium to connect with customers on a deeper level as you tell your brand’s origins story, what you value, and why you started your business.

A great example of storytelling can be seen in the Sabadì brand’s nougats called “Sabadì Torroni”. The packaging shows a drawing of the brand’s origin city, Sicily, and various ingredients used from the land for a compelling visual presentation.

Another example is the Danish brand Scanwood packaging of wooden utensils. They utilize environmentally friendly raw materials for products made from sustainable materials.

Their packaging design focuses on nature by providing customers with a unique experience as they buy directly from nature.

2. Using Patterns

Using Patterns

You can use innovative patterns like strips or polka dots for your product packaging design. A good example of using patterns would be the Bibelot packaging design. Various brands like Nourish and Nice Blocks use circular, triangular, and rectangular patterns for their products.

Food Packaging Design

Food brands understand the need to create eye catching and cohesive packaging for their products. Moreover, the packaging should deliver on the promise of quality and trustworthiness of the brand through carefully designed packaging materials.

Take for example restaurant brand “COCORO” Rooster’s food packaging design. The packaging is carefully created to be tailored to adults as well as children with pleasing colors and patterns. Moreover, the branding is cohesive across all packaging channels to deliver a premium experience.

3. Simplicity

Sometimes, embracing simplicity for product packaging is more attractive as it promotes going green and contributing towards the environment. A good example of this is Slopes & Town, a Dutch company that uses Kraft paper for its eco-friendly socks and belts.

People appreciate those companies that focus on sustainability by focusing on simplicity through simple box design. A great example of simplicity is looking at the designs of Acne Studio product shipping boxes.

4. Use Packaging Sleeve

Packaging Sleeve 1

You can save your precious money on your product box, and a great way would be to use an attractive packaging sleeve for products. Usually, companies utilize sleeve boxes for their premium skincare or toiletry products, while others use them to provide unique custom box presentations.

The Mother E essential oils box is a good example of sleeve packaging. They make their boxes special using various nature images and scenes based on the type of oil packaged in the box. You can easily change your product’s looks through the sleeve rather than changing the box design completely.

5. Provide a Sneak Peek through Box Cutout Windows

Sneak Peek through Box Cutout Windows

Sometimes, your customers want to look at what’s inside your product box and want to get a glimpse or a feel of your products. Box cutout windows are often utilized by companies who wish to provide innovation through food box design packaging ideas for their products.

People who wish to buy premium brownies want to see what kind of product they will be eating when they open their brownie boxes. Nobody wants to enjoy their crushed brownies when they open their product box. 

Box window cutouts also enable brands to create eye-catching and colorful displays for food packaging design on all kinds of retail store shelves. Urban Eat uses window cutouts for their wraps, salads, sandwiches, and snacks to give customers a unique view.

6. Use Unique Box Shape

Unique Box Shape

Your products don’t always have to come in simple box shape. You can go forward with unique, interesting shapes like hexagons, triangles, or circles. A good example of a unique cosmetic box packaging design is the hexagon style by “Amend Cosmetico” cosmetic brand.

Some cosmetic brands also like to incorporate outside-the-box cosmetic packaging ideas to add appeal and attraction to their products. One of the popular packaging trends is using rigid box or cardboard box packaging designs such as those used by The Feed Good Lab brand.

If you know more about how rigid packaging material can help your business grow, then check what is rigid packaging.

7. Utilize the Complete Box Space Available

Box Space Available

Your product’s custom gift box is more than just mere packaging, as it can act as a great marketing channel for your brand by displaying useful information, quotes, graphics, ingredients, contact information, and origin story.

A good example of luxury cosmetic packaging design is that of “FabFitFun’s” lifestyle brand. They are known for their attractive and lovely subscription boxes, which are liked by everyone worldwide.

They are also known for the unique packaging box graphics used for their mailer boxes, which they change every season as they utilize their boxes to their full potential.

8. Focus on Boxes Inner Section

Boxes Inner Section

A strong first impression is critical for your brand’s success, but you should also think about what’s inside the packaging’s inner sections as well. Using delicate inserts for luxury products provides an outstanding positive experience for customers.

9. Make Packaging Gift-Worthy

Packaging Gift Worthy

Sometimes, your product packaging does not have to be “just a box” that provides protection. It can be much more than that, as a beautiful product box design can enhance its presentation and make it unique.

Your product’s box can be a much-loved gift as to what the box contains. Many people love and enjoy tea drinking as a daily ritual. The brand “Teabox” takes on a new level as it beautifully presents gourmet tea products of Indian origin packed in custom gift boxes. The elegant gift box style creates positive experiences for customers.

10. Try Out New Fonts

Skoff Pies

You don’t always have to change your external packaging of products; even changing the font can create elegant appeal. You can choose from traditional, vintage, staid, or quirky – just make sure to make it unique and memorable, as it can play a major role in branding.

A good example can be “Skoff Pies”, which utilizes font styles that go well with each other, resulting in a retro-style vibe for their food products.

11. Add Fun to Packaging


Sometimes, you only need to add a little fun in your packaging according to your product, which can bring great results. A good example is “Trident’s” sugar-free gum range, which showed a six-pack representation of colorful illustrations of bright teeth with lips or mustaches.  


“Thelma’s” brand decided to bring innovation to its cookie range by delivering its products in memorable oven boxes for its customers. You can almost smell the cookies baked fresh in the oven.

12. Use Products Photos Creatively

Two Peice

Brands can use high-quality product photos to portray their items more creatively to increase brand awareness. Using attractive and high-resolution product images for your electronic packaging solutions is a good idea.                        

You can attract new customers and convince potential customers while increasing your brand’s influence, trust, and attraction to your products. They will understand what they are getting and what is expected from your brand.

A good example is Apple uses high-quality photos on its two piece rigid boxes packaging for products like MacBooks, iPhones, and Airpods, as you can see what you are getting.

13. Use Customized Stamp

Customized Stamp

You can create beautiful themed boxes with logo embossing in a variety of colors. However, this might not be suitable for a company with a limited budget. But don’t worry, as many affordable packaging color schemes are available for you.

If you don’t have a heavy budget for your product box, then you can create a unique custom stamp to create a unique design that builds a premium brand impression for your ideal customers. A great example is the Coffee packaging from “Farmer’s First brand”. 

Wrapping Up

When selecting your box for your product, packaging should not be neglected. Your brand boxes are essential in marketing and creating strong brand loyalty through creative and innovative packaging ideas.

You must note that various box ideas and elements are not set in stone. You can play and experiment with multiple box design ideas for your products, making sure they remain cohesive and not become cluttered. Moreover, your intended message must remain consistent across all your marketing channels. Making thoughtful, eye-catching, and clean-style box packaging can increase your brand reputation and image among your customers and can help gain new ones. You need to ensure that your product packaging goes above the rest by using the services of leading box manufacturers.


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