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Are you tired of old-fashioned and dull gift boxing? Finding what to put in a gift box to make it innovative and beautiful? Then, you are at the right place; here, we present you with unique gift box ideas that will pop up your present’s outer look and make it captivating for your beloved people.

Gifting makes people happy, and show your deep affection for them! 

For centuries, giving something prevalent and quirky to your special ones has been a trend – making them feel your love! So, in this blog, we will give you instructions on making a perfect gift box –  DIY Gift Box Ideas, occasional gifting, facts about packaging selections, and many more related to custom Gift Boxes. So that you will be able to make a handmade box and decorate it with astonishing products for adored ones. 

How Can You Make Your Gift Boxes?


The world of Gift Box packaging is vast! There are multiple methods of wrapping your presents and making a precise box. Let’s get to Step By Step, Easy DIY Gift Box process:

Folding and cutting papers is the most common technique in designing a box. We will guide you on measuring box dimensions and other artwork guidelines. Cardstocks, felt papers, and printed sheets are used, so pick your favourite. There are two ways of assembling the box:

1- Folding With No Cutting:

  • Choose the paper
  • Get a pencil and scale
  • Turn the paper and draw an X on that
  • Fold the edges in such a way that they meet the centre of the paper
  • Then mark the top and bottom corners and fold them from the centre, leaving the other two edges – oblong shape
  • Fold the other two sides
  • In this way, two separate triangles will appear
  • In-fold the edges of all 4 triangles from the corners of the sheet
  • The sheet will be assembled by infolding the inner triangles and getting you the box shape.
  • Then, glue the paper joints to fix them
  • Repeat the same procedure with the bottom of the box, but the measurements will be 1/8th smaller than the top box
  • It will help the top get fixed on the bottom.

2- Folding With Cutting:

  • Take a piece of paper and cut it into two different dimensions
  • Supposedly, one sheet is 9″ and another is 6.5″
  • In 9 inches of paper, make 3″ x 3″ flaps at all four corners of it
  • Draw 1.5″ diagonal lines in these 3-inch boxes and cut them correspondingly with scissors 
  • Repeat the process with a small sheet by drawing a 1.5″ box and then cutting it from 0.5″
  • Infold the cuttings so that you will get the “+” shape 
  • Bring the sides upward
  • Glue the infoldings and get the Box shape
  • Do the same with the small box
  • Now, you have two boxes – the bottom box and the top box

Gift Box Present Ideas

Gift Box Present Ideas

What makes a good gift box? A majorly asked question. Let me get you straight: the decorative materials like tags, pearls, scratched papers, printed papers, small message cards, and other stuff that suits your occasional ceremonies. These are the essential tools to enhance the appearance and give a touch of beauty to your simple boxes. 

Luxury Boxes:


Luxury gift boxes are the profound category of custom gift boxes that make your gifts adorable and give high-level protection. For example, wallets, earrings, perfumes, jewelry, and glass products are very expensive and delicate to handle. Therefore, these rigid boxes are sturdy and customized with sophisticated designs. If you are gifting a precious one, you must go with these high-quality boxes.

Functional/ Premium Boxes:


As the name defines, these boxes are very functional and hold multiple gift sets simultaneously. They also fall under the rigid genre, such as magnetic closure boxes, presentation boxes, two-piece boxes, promotional boxes, etc. Nowadays, there is a very high demand for these packages that can pack a complete set of products under one lid. 

Gift Boxes:

Gift card

It is a simple but impressive way of provoking your lovers with Gift Cards in the boxes. Whether it’s a prom or birthday, Christmas or Easter, or any occasional festival, you can use gift card boxes

How can you make it?

Instead of using simple papers for boxing, you can go for printed gift cards with a little bit of hard material. You can have a card box by correctly cutting and folding the box templates. Also, you can write messages on the cards and make them feel more special than before.

Printed Boxes:


Printed Kraft Gift Boxes use kraft papers to print various designs. You can use them in two ways:

1- Wrap a Paper:

You can use any printed wrapper or glazed paper in the box in different colors and styles. For this, you first need to make a box using cardboard

2- Make with Paper:

The second technique is using hard papers by folding or cutting them, as given above in “How you can make a box with paper.”

Mainly, candle boxes, display boxes, wrap boxes, vape gift packaging boxes, etc., use highly printable papers and wrappers with funky and vivid colors to make them more captivating and apprehended. 

Occasional Gift Boxes:

Traditional and occasional gift boxes are standard all over the world. Whatever the function is, exchanging gifts among people is a must. 

Christmas Gift Boxes

On the 25th of December, the grand celebration of Christmas happens every year. People gather Christmas boxes and send them to their loved ones that day. Unique gift boxes present ideas for Christmas, like adding white polyester balls, Santa Claus prints, snowballs, ringer bells, small trees, etc, which would enchant the recipient’s feelings. 

Birthday Gift Boxes

Birthdays are always exceptional! There are multiple gift box ideas for birthdays, as these packages have a big room for decorations. You can add birthday cards, candies, tags, quotation notes, and chocolates – making a unique gift basket.

Wedding Gift Boxes

Weddings are the most memorable part of somebody’s life. Sending wedding cards with boxes makes them more precious and elevates the excitement of the wedding ceremony. 

Couple Date/ Prom Gift Boxes

Are you puzzled about what things to put in a gift box for a girl? It sometimes needs to be clarified when it is your date and you do not have Gift box present ideas for her. Look here; the problem is solved. Get a ring for her, put it inside a stunning ring box, and show it on your memorable day. Or choose a convenient way, buy a lovely dress, pack it in a dress packaging box, and wrap it with an adorable wrapper – let her open it and make it a surprising special moment!

Valentine Gift Boxes

Valentine is coming! EXCITED! But you do not have gift box ideas for him. Here we go; we will solve your problem. Buy a watch, get an evocative watch box, and make a Valentine’s set with a red rose bouquet. Gift it to your lover and make your day unforgettable.


The unique gift box ideas leave a lasting impression on the giftee’s heart. The variety of boxes with sustainable packaging, colorful exteriors, and DIY design leads to your personalized interest in sending gifts. Special occasional and themed gift boxes give you the most exciting moments and surprise your lover with what is inside the box. We have resolved your every anxious thought in choosing a box for your presence. So now, take a breath and pick up the best custom packaging box for your gifts.


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