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What is Paper Coating?

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“Paper coating is the process of applying material mixtures and polymers to make paper heavier, thicker, glossy, or matte, using paper coating chemicals like silicons, calcium carbonate, talc, etc.”

Paper packaging coatings are very exclusive and provide great protection to products. Also, these layers enhance the beauty of products and make them attractive and presentable for users. Specifically, in printing, the main player is the surface paper on which the designs are going to be printed. Therefore, if your surface is not prepared and coated well, the designs will get distorted. 

Paper Coating Materials

Paper Coating Materials

Nowadays, the packaging industry is in great demand for coated papers for their custom packaging boxes. Unboxing experiences and trendy custom designs have brought high-quality printed papers to the market. Brands and companies use high-end paper coating for printing a range of designs. There are almost nine different types of coated paper materials:

1- GCC – Ground Calcium Carbonate

2- PCC — Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

3- Kaolin Clay

4- Talc

5- Starch

6- SB Latex

7- Titanium Dioxide

8- Wax

9- Others

Paper Coating Types

Paper Coating Types

Paper coating uses a versatile range of materials. Similarly, different types of paper coatings perform a specified function per packaging requirements. Have a look at them:

Liquid Laminates

1- Varnish:

Varnish 1

Varnish is applying a protective layer to the paper surface after printing. In this process, high-quality printers imprint designs with fine-quality inks. After applying the varnish, the paper is subjected to ultraviolet radiation for quick drying. It efficiently makes the paper scratch-proof, water-resistant, thick, protective, and shiny and provides protection from atmospheric pressure.

There are three types of Varnish Coating:

  • Glossy
  • Satin
  • Matte

2- Aqueous Coating:

Aqueous Coating 2

Aq Coating is a completely Water-Based paper coating that makes the paper touch-proof, scratch-proof, and shiny. It is the most economical and environment-friendly type of coating. Moreover, the quick application and drying time make it suitable for packaging and printing. Also, it is an eco-friendly method that makes paper packaging 100% biodegradable.

3- UV Coating:

UV Coating

A type of coating in which a transparent liquid is applied to the wet paper surface and then quickly dried by Ultraviolet light is known as UV coating. The UV chemicals are Polyethene, Kaolinite, and Calcium Carbonate. These chemicals dry the paper by absorbing the water and promptly proceeding with the paper coating process.

Film Laminates

1- Polypropylene Coating:

Polypropylene Coating

Polypropylene paper is a plastic-coated paper formed by pasting a plastic film layer. It is mainly used in the food packaging industry. Frozen food packaging is more common in these categories as the food has to be preserved for a longer period. The layer makes the packaging waterproof, resistant to heat impacts, and protective. 

2- Polyester Coating:

Polyester Coating

It is a process of coating cardboard, kraft, rigid, corrugated, and other custom boxes in packaging industries. These coatings make the paper surface durable and protective and give a visual impact while boxing. Also, these provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, moisture, humidity, and resistance to UV rays.  

In short:

Paper coating is the most recommended method of strengthening and protecting packaging. The availability of different coating materials and application methods broadens the scope to include eco-friendly packaging boxes.


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