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Would you like to feel and see our packaging products? IBEX Packaging offers that possibility, as we send free samples all over the world for you to see and touch.

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Convince yourself before ordering an IBEX Packaging solution, and ask for free samples. This way you can get an idea of the material,
print and finish and compare them with your packaging products. This way, you can understand how
IBEX Packaging works and how it delivers unbeatable results.

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Packaging can be one of those tricky parts of marketing and branding strategies that needs to be clarified for manufacturers. IBEX Packaging understands this and will help them take samples, compare them with others and make the final decision.

Previous Work Samples

Suppose you don’t know what packaging materials will be used, how the products will fit into the boxes after measuring the product dimensions, what effect the printing will have on the custom boxes and how the finishes will enhance the look of the product. In this case, we provide samples of our previous work to help you understand the results achieved through professional and precise processes.

So, if you are interested in learning more about our previous work, just fill in the form on the right with your exact details. When we receive your order, we will deliver our previously-designed packaging boxes, made for other customers, to your address.

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    Want to know how your product will be protected in a custom box? IBEX Packaging will supply samples of the exact dimensions you provide when submitting the form. If you would like to evaluate the quality of the material, we can arrange for samples to be sent to your address.

    If you would like a custom box design with printing and finishing to see how your product would look on the store shelf, fill out the form and you will get an immediate response.