Custom Rigid Boxes - An Appearance that Matters

Expensive and luxurious products deserve luxurious packaging. IBEX Packaging takes your levels up as a brand with extravagant custom rigid boxes.

Effortless Elegance & Unparalleled Protection

Transform your packaging with our custom rigid boxes!

Designed for durability and elegance, these boxes offer superior protection while making your products look their best.

Whether for gifts, retail, or special events, customize your box to reflect your brand’s unique style.

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Redifine Packaging Standards with Custom Rigid Boxes

Discover the ultimate excellence in packaging with our collection of rigid packaging boxes. Renowned for their exceptional durability and sophisticated design, these boxes are perfect for showcasing your products with style and maximum protection, enhancing your brand identity. Whether you want to buy them in bulk or in small quantities, we provide unmatched rigid, premium quality boxes.


IBEX Packaging is the best at combining style and functionality. As the top manufacturer of wholesale boxes in rigid packaging, we put our full efforts into every step, from sourcing high-quality raw materials to crafting attractive boxes with unlimited designs and variations. We ensure that every box meets your needs for both aesthetics and practicality.


So why would you want to miss out on that chance?

Experience Excellence with our Rigid Customized Boxes

IBEX Packaging takes pride in being the most trusted and leading maker of rigid boxes in the USA. We know that these premium high-end boxes are all about luxury and durability; that’s why we use quality materials to make our boxes rigid, sturdy and cheap to buy.


For added value, custom rigid boxes are made with thick chipboard for a sturdy base and covered with kraft paper to balance out the luxury and organic feel. Then decorated with the most elegant finishes, such as foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV and precise prints, for a memorable experience. As trustworthy suppliers of rigid setup boxes, we offer a variety of customization options to suit your needs. This also includes the choice of material, printing, shape, size, and laminations to preserve your rigid gift box. From different shapes and styles to add-ons and inserts, every detail is carefully thought out. 

Why are Rigid Boxes Preferred by many?

The ultimate unboxing experience provided by bespoke, sturdy packaging is something any leading brand would want to offer. Not only do these rigid premium boxes give off a branded look and make a great impression, but they also enhance brand positioning in a crowded market. Thanks to their hard, inflexible structure that ensures the safety of your products, these boxes are ideal for storing and shipping items.


You will never receive a branded product in a flimsy package or in a plain box. Instead, these will be packaged in something that will remain with the product for a long time. The reusability and recyclability of these boxes also contribute to their popularity, making them the preferred choice for top brands

Versatile High-End Solutions for Multiple Industries 

Its applications are not limited to a single industry or product, but they are used by almost all industries. From cosmetics to food products, pharmaceuticals to electronics, and clothing to premium packaging for jewelry, custom rigid boxes are used at every place where the products demand an extra flair of luxury. After being made with supreme quality material, our rigid boxes are custom printed with the most appealing designs and patterns that make them look incredibly exceptional. The unique designs and box styles are also customized to advertise for branding and marketing.


The solid construction of setup boxes adds a touch of sophistication and also provides reliable support for delicate products, especially during long-distance transportation. That’s why our largest customer base for rigid packaging often looks for:

  • Mobile boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Perfume boxes
  • Watch boxes
  • Candle boxes
  • Box with lid 

Customized Styles and Finishes for Premium Appeal

Our extensive range of rigid boxes that are fully customized offers various styles, such as flip-top, magnetic closure, window boxes, detachable cover boxes, lift-off cover boxes, and sleeve boxes, just to name a few. The decorative paper covering, which adds unmatched elegance, is also customizable, with plenty of options to choose from. 


You can select the paper that best complements the sturdy structure of your rigid gift boxes. Additionally, we provide cost-effective solutions, allowing you to choose options that fit your budget. From simple yet classy gold foiling to elegant additions like ribbons to handle heavy lids, we offer a wide range of boxes to suit different preferences. However, what remains consistent across all our boxes is their commitment to perfection, sophistication, and elegance.

What Makes Rigid Boxes Stand Out?

These hard, premium boxes offer you a range of customization options to suit your needs. These personalizations make it seem like maybe you will lose the classy appearance or practicality of the box. However, with our experienced craftsmen, we can ensure that your rigid box packaging will surely maintain its look while maintaining its integrity.


Additionally, rigid sturdy boxes offer a luxurious presentation for your products, enhancing their perceived value and making them more appealing to customers. Whether it’s for retail packaging, gift packaging, or product display purposes, rigid boxes provide an elegant and professional presentation that sets your brand apart from the competition.

Why Choose us for Custom Rigid Boxes?

When storage space is a concern, IBEX Packaging offers a solution with rigid boxes shipped flat but easily assembled upon arrival. This innovative approach allows for the same premium quality and luxurious presentation as traditional setup boxes, but with the added benefit of requiring minimal storage space.


This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses like high-end luxury rigid box retailers with limited storage space. By opting for flat-shipped rigid boxes from Ibex Packaging, these businesses can efficiently manage their inventory without compromising on the elegance and sophistication of their packaging. It’s a practical solution that maximizes storage efficiency while maintaining the high standards expected in luxury packaging.


Moreover, the benefits we offer are there to fulfill every need of the client, like


  1. Transparency of cost efficiency and how to get the lowest rates possible within the quickest turnaround time.
  2. Our customer support executives are ready to serve you and can address all your concerns and queries with dedication and professionalism.
  3. We offer free delivery to our lovely clients. Our prestigious clients need to pay the product’s price, and we will ship free of charge.`
  4. Unlike many renowned packaging companies, we offer our ideas free of charge. We believe in fully sharing our expertise and prioritizing client satisfaction. Share your vision, and we will design samples for you. Choose one or request adjustments until it meets your needs perfectly.
Custom Rigid Boxes

Professionally-Crafted Custom Luxury Boxes

Experience the perfect blend of strength and elegance with our custom luxury boxes. Ideal for any product, these boxes offer top-notch protection and a sophisticated look.

Limitless Design Possibilities

With the endless possibilities of what customizations can be made to your rigid box, we are sure you will get the most out of your packaging. From multiple choices of sizes, shapes, and styles to even finishing options, you will get the packaging that is truly unique to your brand.

Right Choice of Materials

Bringing fine quality material into the production process is what we prioritize the most. From the first cut of the paperboard to constructing its layers and making it hard, every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Special Printing Capabilities

Here, at IBEX Packaging, we know how to stay ahead of market trends. With the most advanced technology, cutting edge equipment, and an experienced team of professionals, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of products and services that will surely fascinate your audience.

Your Personalized Boxes

We believe in crafting a box that not only meets your needs but also reflects your business and your brand’s tone. From printing options to finishing touches, for every personalized addition, we have the expertise to make your packing experience unforgettable.

Innovative Customizable Options

Explore how you can make your next rigid box a one of a kind piece. Whether it's branded inserts, eco-friendly materials, or interactive features, explore how customization can enhance the overall customer experience.

Rigid Boxes with No Minimum

From facilitating small businesses to providing high-quality rigid boxes to multinational corporations, we have you covered. Enjoy the flexibility of ordering exactly what you need and how much you need. From samples to mockups, we can help you visualize your project before production even begins.

Options & Materials

Personalize your Rigid Boxes with our options and materials

Present your small business as a Brand

Survival in this competitive business world is possible only when you introduce new trends in the market.
Exclusively–designed custom boxes made by IBEX Packaging help you make a statement.

Winning packaging strategies

We determine what you expect from IBEX Packaging as a packaging partner. It helps us design packaging strategy that works.

Complex Idea Transformation

To convert your ideas into an efficient packaging solution, IBEX Packaging has experienced designers and dedicated structural engineers.

Professional Artwork and Designs

To take an absolute packaging edge over other brands, we recommend packaging artwork made by professional designers at IBEX Packaging.

Prototyping and mockups

Validation of every design in 3D makes it possible to receive a prototype. It means excellent designing of custom boxes.

Global packaging capabilities

We manufacture the packaging boxes that meet all the highest industry standards. It results in excellent quality and the best prices.

Free and reliable shipping

Shipping at your doorstep before the deadline is our ultimate edge over others. Free shipping is icing on the cake.

Packaging made easy.

Over 5000+ companies trust Ibex Packaging as their choice for custom packaging and packaging services. Whether you are looking for a custom packaging manufacturer or for professional design services, we help solve it all!
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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, the price of creating Rigid Boxes is entirely dependent on your order. First, it depends on whether you decide to use paperboard, kraft, or corrugated for your box’s base. Your desired delivery time and place make up the second aspect. The third and final aspect that determines your cost is the quantity of your order. When you place a large order with us, you receive a generous discount.
Typically, the standard turnaround time at IBEX Packaging is seven to twelve working days. But if you require Rigid Boxes to be delivered right at your door, this turnaround time may even be better.
Currently, IBEX Packaging does not offer purchases based on loyalty points. However, we have strong strategies to cultivate loyalty and strengthen our customer relationships. For instance, we offer exclusive discounts on bulk orders.
Yes, our Rigid Boxes are made with recyclable materials. We select recyclable Kraft, cardboard, premium rigid, and multi-layer corrugated cardboard as our materials of choice to keep your products safe from the inside out while maintaining a branded appearance.
Yes, IBEX Packaging exclusively provides customers with customized packaging that aids in their brand’s growth and reputation. In addition to our free design assistance, we allow clients to give us their own artwork so that the end design of their product looks exactly like they desired.