Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are considered the best alternative to gift wrapping. These boxes offer greater customization and protection options for your gifts. Moreover, the custom gable box packaging plays a major role in enhancing the appearance of your gifts. At IBEX Packaging, we make sure that all your requirements regarding customization in packaging boxes should be addressed attentively. For that, we offer different sizes and shapes of custom gable boxes. We also provide free designing and free shipping services at a minimum turnaround time.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality Stock
  • Precise Sizing
  • Accurate Colors
  • Lively Printing
  • Maximum Strength & Retention

Why IBEX Packaging

  • As Low as 100 boxes
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 14 Days Turnaround time
  • Free Design Support

Payment Options:

Payment Option - visa , paypal etc

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      Product Details

      Custom Packaging FAQs

      You may be wrong if you think that packaging is a small task, and we do not need to bother much about its strategies, procedures, and techniques. There is certainly a lot about the packaging you must learn as a businessman and consider numerous aspects. It leads to a lot of questions. Here, we have tried to answer some burning questions at IBEX Packaging. So, here are some frequently asked questions about custom packaging boxes:
      An absolute yes to this question! The texture of any specific material with printing helps create the impact you expect from your Gable Boxes . For example, if you have chosen darker materials and matte textures, it is evident that the printed images and other content will be more subdued and darker.
      Gone are the days when using only a post office box was enough and business owners expected that they would improve their sales. Now, you need to make unboxing a memorable experience for your customers. Therefore, it is essential to come into the market with something different, which is possible only when you introduce your products packed in Gable Boxes.
      Yes, your order must be as low as 100 Gable Boxes. However, for rigid boxes, we do not restrict our customers.

      IBEX Packaging provides one of the best turnaround times globally. Generally, we take 7-12 working days to deliver your order. However, shipping location and order size matter considerably to deliver your order within a tight deadline.


      Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


      Packaging at affordable prices.


      100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


      Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.

      Services & Specifications

      Our pivotal services and qualities act as driving forces for brands with our exceptional custom gable boxes and their disjoint production. We strive to provide your business with an edge in the sea of rivals.

      01 Material Choice

      A wide array of substrates like Kraft, Paperboard, and Corrugated are available for the production of high-quality custom Gable boxes. You even have the privilege to choose from your desired stock grade.

      02 Litho-Printing

      We employ the Lithographic printing method instead of conventional techniques to generate all your Gable boxes, ensuring perfection in our outcomes and excellent quality.

      03 High-end Finishing

      We constantly follow up on our endeavors to give you a plethora of decorating options to set you apart from others. You get a chance to explore a huge variety of surface treatments to embellish your Gable Boxes to package your valuables.

      04 Worthwhile Solution

      Business owners who prioritize the environment can now rest assured and look into eco-friendly and sustainable packaging choices. Our packaging aims to lessen your global carbon footprint and help you play your part to preserve nature.

      A High-end Finishing Touch

      Our ultra-modern equipment helps accomplish 2-sided printing of custom Gable Boxes together with decoration options that go well with any box layout perfectly. Upgrade your regular products while you explore the surfeit benefits our boxes have to offer you.

      Super Glossy

      High-gloss printing ink is lustrous enough to give your product a vibrant look. Anyone who sees your items will be captivated by their vividness at the first glance. The ink stands out from the conventional inks in terms of its beautiful sheen and at Ibex Packaging; we use this high-quality ink on custom Gable boxes to give a distinguishing feature to your products.

      Soft Alluring Texture

      The soft matte yet seductive feel of the texture is primarily why our Gable Boxes have gained increasing popularity over the years. Just the sensation of the soft texture in your palm is so alluring. Much in the same way, the incorporation of the soft matte texture to your Gable Boxes in your desired shade is our primary goal at Ibex Packaging.

      Spot UV Varnish

      Spot UV or Spot Varnish refers to laminating high-gloss ink coating over unique designs or inscriptions on a box. The experience will add up to the Prestige of your brand while helping you nurture your brand with a refinement subtext.

      Hot Foil Stamping

      Likewise, hot foil stamping contributes to the brand repute. With this technique, you can display your logo and brand name in luminescent shades of golden and silver. That said, decent foil stamping will be the first factor in grabbing your audience’s attention.
      Gable Boxes
      Custom Gable Boxes

      Our High-tech Custom Corrugated Gable Boxes

      Get your desired custom-made corrugated Gable boxes, tuck top gable boxes, and cardboard gable boxes in the shapes, designs, sizes, and layouts you desire. They are designed to provide free shipping, along with a high-end packing service. The premium gable boxes serve two purposes; they offer exceptional durability and may be utilized in any product you wish.

      Effective Marketing Tool

      In addition to the value they provide your brand, these Gable Boxes are well-known to be used as a powerful marketing tool for your products. At Ibex Packaging, creating such alluring packages for your products is the top priority, which will do wonders for your sale.

      CAD Samples

      We offer you the privilege to analyze the model of what you will get before you can order in large amounts. For a modest fee, we ship you the prototype of your box on request. Doing so saves us from last-minute hassles and ensures a better customer experience with us.

      Quality Assurance

      At Ibex Packaging, our top priority is the caliber of our products and the customer experience. Hence we have set some quality control standards that all our products must qualify before they can be approved for shipping.

      Customers Also Look for

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