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What Is Embossing and Debossing In Product Packaging?

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Designing in packaging is a key role to make the products look captivating and beautiful. While designing the luxurious boxes, you come through two alternate but reverse processes known as Embossing and Debossing. 

Embossing is the printing process of raising content on designed packaging above the surface while Debossing is the over-turn process in which the printers take designs down or beneath the flat surface.”

These processes are very popular in product packaging. Like most rigid, corrugated, and other Cardboard boxes for cosmetics, jewelry, watches, and perfumes require such beautiful printing.

In both processes, there is a fine-pressing of logos, images, texts, and other designs up and down the paper surface. The usage of both procedures is vital in Custom Boxes designing and manufacturing. That’s why there is a great discussion of what transformations and differences these processes do on the paper. So, let’s have a look at this provoking point:

What is Embossing in Packaging?

Embossing requires attention and the use of different machines and procedures in printing. The embossing starts with a metal plate known as a “die” with designs on it. The plate is then pressed onto the product the surface low and raises the profiled design outside. There is a repetition of the process to extract a fine and solid design out of the presser. Dies are made up of metals onto there is ink to give them color. Notably, the “leaf foiling” has also been introduced to give a catchy look to the packaging boxes. Embossing is cost-effective with great coverage and durability.

What is Debossing in Packaging?

Debossing is the same as embossing when we talk about box printing. But in this process rather than the machines pressing the design underneath, the product is taken out – the design is taken downward from the top. However, the market demand is mainly for embossing as it takes more to adjust the embossing work onto deboss printing paper.

Considerations in Embossing and Debossing

Whatever product you go to buy, you will find that there is beautiful packaging along with it. The selection of design in Emboss VS Deboss is highly considerable. If you do not choose or make a suitable design, the ending can be a waste. Also, the choice of material means you have to be conscious of which material you should use for the selective product design. 

Vector Art:

While designing the boxes, the selection of vector art is important. Keep the files in Vector form so that if you need to resize the box in the future, it will be more convenient for you to do printing again.

Emboss Surface selection:

Pick up the specified surface on the artboard where you want to emboss the design. It will be easier to emboss the selected part rather than the complete design.

Highlighting Parts:

Emboss vs Deboss, wherever you go, the finished edges, the multiple highlights, and small design features can give an extraordinary look to your boxes. 

Similarities & Differences b/w embossed and debossed packaging 

The comparison Table for Embossing and Debossing is given below:

Embossing Debossing 
Surface of printing Upward of the surfaceDownward of the surface
Expensive More Less 
Preferable More likely Less likely 
Budget-friendly Yes Yes 
Leaf Foiling Available Available 
Prominent More Less 
Varieties More Less 
Versatile More Less 

The Advantages of Embossing and Debossing in Packaging

Both processes are preferable and adaptable for all sizes and styles of boxes. There is a wide range of benefits and advantages to using these incredible design techniques. 

Elegance and Potential:

The luxurious boxes acquire beautiful designs to meet their product hype. Therefore, different types of embossing in packaging and debossing bring newness to product boxing. For customers, mainly the leaf foiling technique is quite popular because of the golden and silver touch in them – leaving a provoking sense of beauty.

Product Highlighting:

Additionally, these printing procedures highlight the basic and all other essential information on the boxes – including the points of the products. These things make the customers closer to purchase decisions. 


After knowing all the points, it is evident that embossing and debossing play a major role in enhancing the beauty of the packaging boxes. The colors, textural feel, and designs in these printing techniques are just adorable making your brand prominent and premier in looks. Moreover, when it comes to price ranges, these are the most suitable and economical to make your products incredibly beautiful and sophisticated.


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