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PR Packages: How to Create Tips and Ideas

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Influencer marketing – a new strategy of introducing people to your products directly through influencers. Influencers have thousands or millions of followers on social platforms; therefore, when a company sends a PR Package to them, they create product reviews, comparisons, and unboxing videos with remarkable customer-grabbing strategies and then share them with their viewers and followers. In the past following years, brands have adopted this tactic of marketing by putting forward their products in high end boxes in front of people to grab their attention and make them more interested in their top-notch items.

PR Packages significantly increase the selling rate and customer satisfaction. So, mostly business persons, after reading this complete guide, will be able to learn about all aspects and meaning of PR boxes. As, we have covered how to create PR kits, PR boxes for influencers, tips and ideas, and their benefits. So, let’s dive in:

What is Meant by PR Package?

Meant by PR Package

“PR stands for Public Relations, and packages are the boxes, cards, gifts, or any sample items that brands send to social media influencers—the band’s customized and personal collection.”

These packages are also known by other names, such as PR Boxes, Influencer Boxes, or PR Kits. All the categories, like Thank you Cards, Gift Boxes, Promo Notes, Samples, themed cards, etc., fall into PR Packaging. 

How To Create Effective PR Packages?

Effective PR Packages

What can you add to create impressive and attractive PR Packages? Or what are the basic elements to be included in boxes? Let’s get to them:

Product Samples

Product Samples are the most essential element in custom packaging boxes. These can include single or different items with high quality and more demand in the market. The product should be unique and distinctive to give the viewer and buyer an eccentric vibe.

Product Detailed Information

The details on product packages should be precise to provide buyers with direct information. Brands should add informative and promotional cards with samples to influencers so that they can explain them and give their followers a user review. The information includes the ingredients, how to use them, how to store them, when to use them, etc.

High-Quality Videos and Pictures

Brands need to provide high-quality videos and pictures of the PR items so that influencers can add them to their content and create user-friendly videos for the audience. Moreover, the informative graphics also help explain to viewers what they are presenting to their customers.

Company Profile

The company name, logo, colours, and all other details that a brand wants to appear in the market must be included. Every person visiting a market recognizes a brand with its logo and colours. So, these factors are essential to add to the video details and information cards—the company profile.

How To Choose PR Packages for Influencers?

Pick a Potent Influencer

The influencer you choose must be famous and have high-rated followers. Also, you need to select the influencers that represent or give a PR review of the products that you are presenting.

Make a Good First Impression

Communicate or approach the influencer with a good attitude and your best product, leaving a good impression so that the influencer can more profitably promote your products among people.

Craft a Personalized and Engaging PR Package

The PR Package should be personally designed or hand-made. Try to add personal thank you and promotional cards so that customers can get a discount by entering those codes. 

Add minimalist and sophisticated designs to send influencers an elegant sense of package. Conversely, funky and boldly designed products add vivid colours to enhance the captivating beauty of that item.

Provide PR Components

Add PR components like sample items, informational cards, promotional cards, attractive packaging inserts, and other decorative things so that influencers can get all the information about the product and deliver it accordingly to audiences.

Include Discount Codes

You should add discount codes like scratch cards, name codes, QR codes for scanning, etc., to the PR Boxes. Codes that include an influencer’s name with digits are more trendy. In this way, you promote an influencer’s ID and give an overview by using their renowned names.

Appreciate the Influencer

When the influencer receives your parcel, there should be a thank-you note. Also, after promotional videos, you should appreciate the influencer for working on their products and end up with a good gesture.

Innovative and Engaging PR Box Ideas and Tips

Here are the following helpful tips and ideas for PR Packages:

Customized Present Boxes or Bags

Customized Present Boxes or Bags

Gift Boxes are the best option to add to PR Boxes. You can include Cosmetic items, pieces of jewellery, ribbon, or any luxury product in the box. Such bags and pouches should be innovatively designed and customized to give viewers a different vibe.

Hidden Surprises

Hidden surprises like Scratch discount cards or anything you have yet to inform the influencer before sending it. In fact, small gift boxes can be efficiently added to the PR Box to surprise the influencer. 

Handwritten Notes or Letters

Handwritten Notes or Letters

Handwritten notes or appreciation letters are always a workable strategy for connecting the brand with influencers and buyers. Instead of sending printed notes, handwritten notes show more effort to leave a good impression on clients.

Thank You Notes


Thank you notes are gestural writings that hit the heart of the influencer. They leave a good message with beautiful words to thank the buyer for the purchase. 

Wrapping Paper


Elegant and graceful wrapping papers with ribbons and luxury boxes add another level of beauty to PR Packages. Wrapping the products in printed wrapping papers will surely make the unboxing experience more exciting.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes

The blooming packaging market has introduced packaging tapes that add a coin to the beauty box of PR Kits. Tape the custom boxes with these beautifying tools and make them idiosyncratic for buyers.

Shipping Boxes


Try to use shipping boxes to package your PR products. It will not only enhance the packaging but also protect the fragile and delicate samples efficiently. 

Labels and Stickers


Company labels and customized stickers are other things that make a perfect PR Package box for influencers and customers. The vivid colours and inspirational quotations make the packaging more interesting.

Critical Benefits of PR Packages

You must have heard about PR Boxes and seen videos on the internet. You must consider what benefits both the company and the influencer in getting through these small actions. So, get the essential beneficial points to know the importance of these PR Kits with us:

Seeking Social Media Attention

PR packages should be attractive to attract the attention of viewers. Social media is the biggest platform for connecting people; therefore, brands must connect the audience and people to increase sales. These custom packages show influencers that you are intensely indulged in promoting your brand extensively – making PR Packages a good way of grabbing customers. 

Making Brand Recognizable in the Market

For more hype, brands need to make a place in the market. When a company sends PR to influencers, they showcase their products to the viewers with a logo, company name, and product qualities. In this way, people learn more about the company and products that grab their attention and make them buy the item. 

Maximized Sales 

The ultimate goal of PR promotions is to maximise the sale of products, whether clothes, shoes, jewelery, decorative items, electronics, or other products. People buy more products when they find things attractive in promotional ads and videos and find fascinating unboxing experiences. This tactic undoubtedly enhances a brand’s selling, as one buys what he sees as beautiful.


PR Packages have evolved marketing to another level of creativity. The sample products, thank you notes, discount cards, promotional packaging boxes, wrapping papers, vivid and sophisticated stickers, etc., have all extended the packaging to match the line of creation and innovation. Also, these packages have benefited the brands by getting recognition as well as influencers as they get more followers with captivating videos and review content. So, businesspeople must send their unique and promoted products to influencers to get higher selling rates and more customers.


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