What is Rigid Packaging; Pros Cons and Uses?

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The rigid packaging is often called “setup boxes” due to their solid or luxurious appearance and weight. These are often used for packaging luxury products like jewelry, perfumes, shoes, watches, gadgets, mobile phones, and gifts.

Although various packaging solutions, like paperboard, Kraft, and corrugated, are utilized by businesses and industries worldwide. Then why rigid packaging is important? Nothing beats rigid if you want to deliver a premium unboxing experience for your brand’s products.

According to a growth market report, the global sturdy box packaging market is valued at approx. $ 412.7 billion in the year 2022 and is expected to reach approx. $665.52 billion by the year 2031.

In this ultimate guide, we will cover all those queries like what is rigid packaging. How it is manufactured, its advantages and disadvantages, types & uses, what factors to consider while choosing this luxury packing supplier, and what value they hold for the future of the packaging industry.

Why is Rigid Packaging Perfect for Strength and Luxury?

This packaging is made from strong paperboard that ensures that your products remain intact during shipping and are usually provided with high-end luxurious finishing to ensure a high brand impression.

This packaging material is made from thick chipboard four times thicker than regular folding carton material. Furthermore, this sturdy packaging uses special printed paper or wrap covering the chipboard, tailored to provide the desired plain or luxury presentation.


Sustainable rigid boxes are featured among various top fashion brands like Dior’s Nike Dior Jordan 1 High sneakers or Gucci’s Tennis 1977 sneakers. Our sturdy box packaging solutions are ideal for retailers as they feature stamping, embossing, debossing, coating, textures, and high-class printing finishes.

Elevate Brand Protection with Rigid Packaging

Rigid materials refer to rigid-type “setup boxes.” They are usually presented in finished form and cannot be laid flat or folded as they don’t need to be reassembled. However, many leading packaging companies and brands provide new collapsible rigid material solutions today.

Our rigid materials are quite thick and can withstand much damage during shipping while protecting your valued items, making them an excellent choice for luxury brands. However, these packaging materials are not as strong as corrugated packaging but can be customized according to your needs.

Do you know that Top watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and TAG Heuer utilize rigid materials packaging to deliver precious products in aesthetically pleasing watch boxes? Brands understand the value of presentation and want to deliver positive and memorable unboxing experiences.

Types of Rigid Packaging

There are basically two types of sturdy packaging that you can choose from partial or full.

Partial Finish

The chipboard is not completely covered or wrapped in this type of custom luxury packaging. The elegant wrap only covers the box’s external areas, while the chipboard inside is left uncovered. Moreover, this type of finishing uses only a single piece of chipboard, which leads to cost savings in the production process.

Full Finish

These rigid cardboard boxes do not expose the chipboard as the premium wrapping that covers the box. Moreover, this production option uses 2-3 mm thicker chipboard as individual chipboard pieces cover the box’s internal areas.

Furthermore, these boxes can also feature additional luxury add-on finishes like embossing, lamination, or foil stamping tailored to your business’s individual needs.

Premium Finishes and Add-ons

Premium Finishes and Add ons

In the rigid packaging industry, they use all available finishing options to gain the upper hand and beat their competitors. There are various types of luxury finishing options available for these sturdy boxes such as

  • Coatings
  • Lamination
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Embossing and Debossing


The lamination process uses very thin polypropylene plastic film to wrap premium products in a packaging box. Furthermore, the method provides additional protection than standard box finishing options like varnish. This makes it ideal for scratch resistance and safety for branded products.

Many brands like Gucci or Lois Viton incorporate glossy or matte lamination practices through cosmetic rigid packaging to uphold their premier brand image in the market. Furthermore, this action reinforces customer confidence in the brand as they deliver mind-blowing product box presentations.

You need protection for your valuable goods in order to ensure the product’s freshness and safety. We provide lamination for all kinds of product packaging, ensuring that your premium brand stays committed to delivering amazing unboxing experiences for customers.

Consider you are attending your friend’s wedding and are gifting them precious jewelry products from Gucci; however, on the way, your gift box gets scratched, leaving you with regret. You don’t want to go through such an experience; therefore, sturdy box finishes like lamination are ideal.

You can preserve the freshness of sweet products on various occasions while ensuring durability and elegance. In this scenario, you can incorporate a transparent sheet similar to our Custom Mylar Bags collection for your delicate sweets.

Embossing and Debossing

Suppose you want to deliver a premier unboxing experience for your luxury jewelry products. In that case, there is no better way than to utilize embossing (raising packaging areas) and debossing (creating packaging area indentations) add-on finishing for product packaging.

Embossing and Debossing

You can show your love and appreciation of friendship on various social occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving by adopting rigid material in gift card boxes. These embossed boxes deliver an experience that your customers won’t forget as you deliver prestige in a box that surpasses their expectations.

Hot Foil Stamping

Many brands and companies utilize this unique finishing for packaging their products using pressure and heat to apply various designs and patterns of colors like silver, gold, red, and white. Moreover, metallic hot foil patterns and finishing can also be utilized through durable packaging containers for premium products.

Hot Foil Stamping

You might have encountered the best makeup brands, like Revlon or Loreal, in various retail stores. However, the first contact is made only through external presentation packaging. Branded eyelash products attract you through innovative Eyelash Packaging Boxes designed to give you a sensational experience.


You might have come across luxury coating packaging for luxury watch brands like Rolex. As for jewelry products, excellent coating finishes are ideal for high-end brands like Tiffany & Co. or Lois Viton to reinforce their premium brand reputation in the competitive market.


Companies understand that they need to deliver unique personalized experiences to their loyal customers, which they achieve through custom gift box packaging. These specially designed printed gift boxes provide you with unlimited customization opportunities to impress your customers.

Coating of custom box packaging comes in various forms, such as

Spot Gloss: This unique coating proves the best glossy finishing as it hardens quickly due to UV light exposure. Moreover, they can also be embossed, but foil stamping does not apply to them. Using spot gloss, your package lettering will become more prominent while reinforcing your premium brand image.

Aqueous coating: A unique water-based coating that provides packaging boxes with a matte or glossy appearance. This coating also provides food safety and is extensively used in the food rigid packaging industry.

High Ink Gloss: A unique finish ensures that your product’s packaging catches attention while ensuring a positive, strong, and long-lasting good impression on customers.

Soft Matte Texture: This coating ensures that your packaging offers a cool, seductive theme and adds unique, eye-catching colors. As a result, your packaging will be ranked at the top while it resonates with premium brands and their offering. 

Foil Stamping: The coating ensures that your company messages or logo appear in their best form. Moreover, you can represent your brand in shades of silver and gold that attract your audience and give you a competitive edge against other brands.

Varnish: This unique coating is made from a thin, glossy, or matte layer on custom box wrap. It is utilized to highlight specific areas or entire wrap sheets for the best packaging presentation.

Various Styles of Rigid Packaging


Businesses these days require tailored luxury box packaging solutions for their high-class products. The ideal packaging type comprises typically two parts: the base and the lid. They can be constructed into various shapes like circular, square, triangle, or rectangular according to desired product dimensions.

Among the many variations in cardboard box packaging, there are two main variations concerning lids: partial or complete telescope lids.

Complete telescope lid packaging has the main lid covering the box and providing a cut-out for easier opening access. The partial telescope lid packaging takes on the shape of a “shoe box design,” as the lid partially covers the box.

Durable packaging containers come in various styles, such as

  • Two-piece
  • Sleeve
  • Hinge based
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Bookend
  • Collapsible
  • Telescopic
  • Round

Two Piece Style: These are the classic “shoebox style” set-up hard boxes and are the most commonly used. Moreover, they comprise a button and lid base and provide a unique unboxing experience for premium brand products.

These two piece rigid boxes are ideal for packaging and gifting luxury products like jewelry, perfumes, mobiles, and award shields. Moreover, due to rigid and sturdy materials, they also provide excellent protection from dust and scratches for delicate premium products.

Sleeve Style: These sleeve-style presentation boxes have a similar shape to the packaging of matchboxes. The outer box packaging can be opened using a ribbon or through the insert opening provided.

Sleeve Boxes

Brands utilize rigid drawer boxes as they are ideal for creating hype and the thrill of unboxing small items that don’t need much protection, like mobile accessories, key chains, chocolate, and makeup accessories.

Moreover, they attract customers for first-time purchases due to their unique packaging shapes at major retail shop displays like Tesco or Walmart.

Telescopic Style: This box packaging form has a lid that covers the entire box base, giving it the shape of a tube. Premium brands utilize these uniquely crafted telescopic boxes to please their lifelong customers. They use this packaging for mobile phones, chocolate, jewelry, and watches.

Hinged Style: This form of box packaging uses a hinge system to open and close the box. Moreover, this provides a smooth unboxing experience and is perfect for luxury products like watches or jewelry.

Bookend Style: This form of box packaging functions like a book and provides ideal protection for small products placed inside. The outer layer is a hardcover and ideal for branded products like jewelry, mobile phones, or accessories.  

Companies who wish to please their customers elegantly often choose bookend boxes for their precious and valued products. They provide excellent hidden value and excitement as customers can easily hide their precious valuables while giving a book cover appearance.

Round Style: This innovative style of sturdy packaging provides an excellent way to present branded products like watches or jewelry to customers. Furthermore, products remain secure using round rigid boxes, creating an exciting aurora of prestige and elegance that represents high brand values.

Magnetic Closure Style: This unique style form of packaging incorporates magnets for opening and closing the packaging box. When closed, the box creates a pleasing snapping sound, with a luxurious cover providing ideal product protection.

Premium brands like Gucci or Lois Viton that want to deliver strong presentations choose to present their premium products in magnetic closure rigid boxes. They are excellent for securing precious products and providing excellent custom artwork presentation opportunities, increasing customer appeal.

Collapsible Style: This form of boxes provides flexibility as they are foldable and can be easily assembled. These collapsible rigid boxes are also ideal for retailers as they transport quickly and easily, providing space-saving opportunities.

Want to surprise your friend as he is moving to his new house or attending an important social event? Then, take inspiration from our gift card presentation ideas article while giving them pleasant aroma reed diffuser products through excellent custom rigid style boxes.

Industry Uses of Rigid Packaging


You might have come across and examined food or clothing packaging every day that you might not think much of but has an important purpose. Premium brands need robust paper rigid packaging box solutions to ensure their precious goods reach their customers safely and sound.

People want to get entertained with unique unboxing experiences through various modern coating options like getting New York’s best seller “Spare” in premium wooden rigid packaging. You also don’t want to be disappointed, so companies require sturdy boxes for products.

Retail Brands

Major retail brands incorporate sturdy packaging for their precious customers. Moreover, they want to please their customers and uphold their brand value by providing boxes with unique coating, resulting in a positive unboxing experience.

Various top fashion brands like Revlon or Loreal that target women understand that they need to make an impact with their product packaging. As a result, they utilize innovative packaging boxes like Unilever, which uses elegant rigid style packaging to sell their LUX hand wash products for their delicate audience.

E-commerce Stores


Many e-commerce stores want to promote their unique brands through personalized branding. They achieve this through unique finishing through special themed Metal rigid packaging, which provides tailored protection and packaging just for them.

We also provide premium boxes for brands that want to deliver high-prestige or want to deliver unique experiences. Premium brands like Voopoo or Manto use creative solutions to cater to their customers, featuring unique designs just like our vape cartridge packaging


Brand Promotion


Premium company brands like Nike, Intel, Apple, and Samsung understand the value of excellent presentation. They want their customers to feel a similar cohesive experience while purchasing their products through ideal Presentation boxes that represent high brand value.

Various top confectionary brands promoted their products through attractive, sturdy boxes as gift set promotion boxes. Furthermore, small confectionery businesses incorporate exceptional food rigid packaging solutions for their unique set of customers to remain competitive.

Confectionery Brands

Various confectionery brands like Joie Bread Co, Baloon & Whisk, Persephone, and Broadflour utilize sturdy food and beverage rigid packaging boxes for their customers. Furthermore, they want their customers to remember their brand and create a positive brand association with them.

Small premium confessionary brands understand the value of branding and need strong and beautiful packaging materials for their products. When people buy bakery products, they usually buy brownies presented in the most beautiful brownie boxes with eye-catching artwork and presentation.

Luxury Products

You want to experience luxury products with the most premium and sturdy transport rigid packaging boxes. People expect nothing but the best when they buy luxury goods like expensive mobile phones or jewelry products, so they expect premium materials packaging.

According to a survey report published by Statista Research Department in 2023, the global luxury packaging market is expected to reach above $22 billion by the year 2025.

Top-tier perfume manufacturers like Gucci, Versace, and Hugo Boss present their premium products nicely packaged in beautiful perfume boxes. They understand that their exquisite products need the best presentation and safety provided through solid and rigid materials packaging.

Industrial Sector

There is also quite a demand for high-quality box packaging among many premium brand industries that seek to strengthen their bond with loyal customers. As a result, they wish to deliver tailored packaging solutions for their products, which increase positive brand image and maintain a competitive edge.

For example, if you order a MacBook, you expect nothing but the best, so it would be illogical to expect an inferior printing or packaging box. Furthermore, customers might feel their brand does not value them, resulting in lower sales and customer loyalty.   

Rigid Style Packaging Customization

Today, a brand cannot survive in the competitive market without sustainable packaging options. Moreover, top brands like Apple or Samsung use rigid-style packaging for premium products to create a competitive edge over competitors.

Various brands like Gucci or Dior understand the need for brand exclusiveness and create beautiful, eye-catching packaging boxes. Furthermore, they know that the box is not simply a protective packaging but a unique canvas offering unlimited creative opportunities.

Exclusive brand designs printed on custom boxes for top brands ensure cohesive branding executed precisely. For example, consider your favorite Dior brand to create an embossed perfume gift box just for you, making you delighted while ensuring your customer loyalty.

Rigid Packaging vs Flexible Packaging

Today, many rigid-style packaging manufacturers understand the value of flexibility for brands. Therefore, they have developed innovative packaging solutions that offer tailored choices. Moreover, packaging flexibility depends on various factors such as prevailing market type, consumer behavior, and products.

You can take the example of local store Dunkin Donuts box packaging. It’s safe, light, and easily resealable to keep donuts fresh for a long time, providing ideal flexibility. However, sturdy packaging material boxes ensure ideal presentation and safety when you buy your latest Apple iPhone or Premium wine.

Benefits of Rigid Packaging Solutions

There are many benefits concerning rigid packaging design for brands and companies.

Unlimited Customization

The rigid packaging market is ideal for companies or brands looking to incorporate deep packaging customization for their beloved customers. Moreover, they want to please their customers with fun packaging themes, shapes, and add-ons or embellishments.

For example, a new company wants to capture the attention of youth, so they incorporate trendy youth designs through durable packaging containers for ideal reach. Moreover, they can customize every aspect of packaging, like special coating, logos, or finishes, to achieve the desired result.

No Packaging Setup Needed

Various rigid-type packaging suppliers like Dior or Channel choose premium box packaging options as they offer them various benefits like no need for assembly and reduced labor costs. Moreover, rigid paperboard boxes are ideal for various small businesses and startups while providing exquisite product packaging.

Increase Brand Awareness

There are many rigid packaging examples like unique bookend designs or magnetic style presentation boxes that can reinforce confidence in premium brand image among highly valued customers. Moreover, brands can provide unique labels or shapes to provide unique and memorable unboxing of their products.

Positive User Experience

You might have heard a popular statement that “first impression is the last impression.” Ideal usage of sturdy packaging materials provides customers with a tailored and memorable experience that they won’t easily forget.

Customers like brands like Rolex that make them happy using innovative packaging shapes or solutions. Furthermore, they create strong positive associations with brands and become lifelong customers.

For example, if you want to impress your best friend at your annual school reunion party, then what better way than to gift him with pleasing perfume packaged in luxuriously made Reed Diffuser Boxes? It will show your deep value of friendship and create a memorable product usage experience.

Reinforce Brand Credibility

Using special packaging designs like that of Apple brand ensures that your brand image remains reinforced and positive. Moreover, people consider the brand’s packaging and finishing a testament to the care and attention provided to them, increasing the brand’s trustworthiness.

Provide Ideal Protection

Companies and businesses utilize sturdy packaging materials to provide ideal safety and protection of their precious good from the harmful effects of environment, storage, and shipping. Moreover, the strong lid of embossed packaging ensures that the products remain secure, prolong shelf life, and don’t break.


Brands utilize sturdy box materials to ensure that they adopt sustainable packaging solutions to ensure long-term economy and competitive pricing. As a result, you want to deliver the best experiences for your customers, so incorporating sturdy boxes for the sustainability of products is ideal for success.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Brands like Gucci or Channel utilize unique product packaging solutions through rigid packaging recycling initiatives to create strong bonds with customers who prioritize helping their community. They can easily create eco-friendly packaging that resonates with going-green customers.

Reasons to Avoid Using Rigid Packaging


There are many occasions when rigid packaging solutions might not be ideal concerning:

Large items

Personalized box packaging offers superior protection for small to medium products. However, their design is limited as they cannot accommodate heavy-weight products due to extra pressure on the packaging box edges. For those strong corrugated box packaging might be a more suitable alternative.


Your brand or company might not have the resources to afford customized specialty boxes due to thicker premium materials, high shipment costs, and the complex manufacturing process.

Suppose you cannot invest in durable packaging for your premium products. In that case, you can consult your ideal packaging supplier to provide alternate high-quality corrugated, Kraft, or folding carton product boxes.

Time Limitation

Sometimes, you might not have the required time available to undertake rigid market packaging solutions due to tight deadlines. Therefore, you might have to consider alternative box packaging options like carton boxes.

Rigid Shape Boxes Construction Procedure

Leading custom luxury packaging manufacturers strengthen their connection with various high-end brands like Gucci or Dior companies through personalized box packaging. The process of creating specialty box packaging is usually completed in three stages.

Packaging Conceptualization

Packaging companies need to hire experts for consultation regarding the production of tailored designs of stylish boxes that meet the requirements of their customers. Moreover, some companies employ in-house engineers and designers to handle complex packaging prototyping and conceptualization.

At the early stage, the designer needs to acknowledge the following vital points:

  • Is the packaging product line part of the existing broader product category that has a unique pattern?
  • Will the boxes carry products in a unique way?
  • Does unique artwork need to be printed on the top of the box, which might affect its overall size?
  • Does your packaging design need approval from your customer or retailer regarding sales at their stores?

The sturdy box packaging manufacturer will make the final template once the packaging budget and concepts are presented and approved. The customer or brand needs to supply the packaging manufacturer with the final product artwork for the ideal wrapping of their presentation boxes.

Production Stage

In this stage, the production process is completed through hands, machines, or both. The packaging wrap is made and goes through various treatments, lamination, and finishes as required by the customers.

However, the chipboards are marked and cut according to the specifications. Staff or product machines then fold the premium box tray or base and apply the required adhesives on the box to ensure that they stay upward.

The packaging supplier also utilizes complete automated systems to deploy pre-trimmed wrapping collected in the conveyor belt. Furthermore, arms place the wrap glued surface on the tray, which passes through the packaging plunger, ensuring the glue is wrapped evenly on the packaging surface.

Packaging Delivery

The final rigid-style material also needs strong protection during the final shipment process. Moreover, it would help if you took special care during this critical stage; these steps should be taken into consideration and forwarded during the design stage.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Rigid Packaging Boxes

Choice of Rigid Packaging Boxes 2

Brands or companies must consider the following factors when choosing their packaging suppliers.

Packaging Specialization

You can easily save some expenses if you choose to go with folding carton suppliers. However, they could provide customized boxes through outsourcing while increasing your packaging costs. It is better to choose manufacturers of rigid packaging solutions that specialize in their field and provide real-world samples.

Provides Best In House Packaging Designers

You must carefully analyze your box packaging supplier choices and determine which company can provide you with the best custom packaging boxes for your products. Moreover, this can help reduce production delays while optimizing communication gaps within the company, from packaging concepts to finalization.

Efficient Customer Communication

You must check out customer reviews regarding custom luxury packaging suppliers, as only those having positive reviews are more likely to understand customers’ particular needs and wants. Moreover, they should be able to respond to customer packaging queries quickly regarding order turnaround time and minimum order size.

Promotes Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

Customers today respect their environment and community and are attracted to packaging companies that promote sustainability through recycled products. Moreover, customers want to play their part in reducing their carbon footprint, so they appreciate going green adaption through recycled packaging boxes.     

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, sturdy packaging plays a vital role in premium product’s safety and presentation. It’s not just the external packaging presentation but the complete representation of a brand’s values and beliefs and what it represents.

The outer layer of rigid form packaging is more than a hard shell, as it protects your most precious gifts and valuables. It is the complete personification of a premium brand’s identity that custom packaging is not the end but a creative canvas to showcase the brand’s appreciation for its customers.

So, when you receive your customized rigid packaging gift box, appreciate the craft, attention, and details. It’s more than a simple box; it’s an emblem of care and thoughtfulness, a messenger of love and attention associated with our most cherished products.

Order your first batch of sturdy custom boxes for your premium products; hurry and buy from us to enjoy unlimited packaging design customization along with free shipping and the fastest product delivery. If you have any queries regarding packaging, please leave a comment below.


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