DIY Gift Box Ideas

DIY Gift Box Ideas – How To Make A Perfect Gift Box?

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Gifting is one of the most ancient traditional gestures of expressing love to your loved ones, giving appreciation for success, and pleasing them on their best day celebrations. A delightful ACT of LOVE! Yea Truly! But making a gift box by hand is another level of justifying your deep affection. The question that arises here is how creative you are and how potentially you can craft a gift box as it requires an extraordinary and deliberate touch to leave an enduring memory to your dearest. 

Don’t bother! 

Whether it is an anniversary, Christmas, birthday, or any special event, giving a DIY present box will enhance the charm and delight of your occasion. Here we will guide you with step-by-step, easy DIY gift box ideas and help you create one independently. So, catch up with us and get a custom gift box quickly.

Step By Step Easy DIY Gift Box

  • Grab your material like a 12 x 12inches sheet (cardboard or any scrap paper), a paper cutter, glue, and a measuring scale.
  • Draw an X by making a one-point intersection on the back of the paper.
  • Fold the edges so that each corner touches the centre.
  • Open two opposite sides and fold each one to the central point of the other side.
  • Repeat it for the other two sides of the paper.
  • Open the paper, get the corners of the top and bottom sides and in-fold them.
  • Fold in the tips of the other two sides also.
  • The foremost step is to fold all the triangular sections on the side so that each triangle tip meets at the centre, forming the box.
  • Glue the side flaps that get in-folded while giving the box shape to the paper.
  •  Repeat the same process of making the bottom, but remember, the measurements for the bottom would be 1/8th less than the top.
  • After making the box, decorate it with ribbons or other decorations.

Guide: How to Build a Gift Box – DIY Decorative Boxes 

Gift Box – DIY Decorative

Here are the following basic steps to create a gift box:

1- Right Materials For Making Gift Boxes :

The first thing you need to do is get yourself correct and suitable materials for making gift boxes. Sturdy and holding sheets are the most preferred medium to make DIY boxes e.g., 

  • Cardboard: Bendable, printable, easy to cut, single or multilayered, and easy to use.
  • Corrugated: Sturdy, strong, fluted, multiple layered, printable, foldable, and easy to cut.
  • Rigid: Very hard, more productive, needs strong binders, layered, printable, needs sharp cutters to be cut.
  • Kraft paper: A layer of paper (bleached or unbleached), bendable, strong enough to handle the standard weight of products, more usable, printable, foldable, and very easy to use.

2- Measuring and Cutting:

Measuring and Cutting

Next, collect the measuring tools (pencil, scales, eraser) and cutting tools (scissors, cutters). Before anything, measure the gift size because you need different measurements for different-sized gift boxes. How to Measure the dimensions of the box (length, width, and height)? It is an easy task; follow the steps:

  • Take your box sheet 
  • Place that on a flat surface (table or floor). 
  • Take your pencil and scale.
  • Mark length and width according to the gift’s size.
  • Then, take the depth of how space is gift-taking in 360 degrees.
  • Line the dimensions on the sheets.
  • Now, take the cutter or scissors.
  • Appropriately cut the sides and get the layouts.
  • Ideally, the edges should be precise and perfectly cut to join the box sides.

3- Gluing and Assembling:

Gluing and Assembling

After that, the critical step comes, how to assemble gift boxes? When the cutting is perfect, the edges of cardboard or paper cease when you apply the glue – making DIY gift packaging look neat and clean. Apply glue on the edge lines precisely to avoid spreading it and damaging other areas of the sheets. Join each side: 4 sides and one bottom part. Carefully fix and hold them until the glue gets dried and set to give it a box shape. 

4- Decorative and Fancy-touch:

Decorative and Fancy touch

Most awaiting moment! Placing DECORATIVE items! To make a gift box fancy and attractive, we have Homemade DIY gift box ideas that not only get you beautiful fancy present boxes but also embellish them with personal affection for that person. So, here we go:

Add A Photo:

Adding a personal, relevant photo can be a great idea. Especially for couple goals, it can be a tremendous emotional move to show your love. Put the picture into the box or paste it on the lid – you can go either way.

Add A Written Note:

Another option is adding and writing a note and placing that inside your DIY gift box. Write a precise story telling the reader about your emotions and their significance in your life. Tell them how much you love and want them in your life and how they have made their life better together. 

Wrap A Kraft Paper:

Wrap A Kraft Paper

Printing a custom kraft box is also a dignifying way of communicating your feelings. 

Question is: 

How To Make Little Boxes Out Of Paper? 

Definitely, it is difficult to make a DIY small box, especially when you are making it for the first time. 

  • For that, get a paper.
  • Think of a capturing design as per your gift theme.
  • Draw lines with pencils and sketch them.
  • Choose your connecting colors, and get it printed on paper.
  • You can also add printed photos, quotes in floral fonts, and abstract elements to design your printable gift box per your desired impressions.

Add Gift Cards:

Add Gift Cards

Making gift card boxes is another fun play game. These cards can be an occasional representation of your organised events. You can make up Christmas boxes, DIY birthday box, wedding card boxes, greeting cards, invitational boxes, and many more like that. The line to these house-shaped gift boxes is much more comprehensive to get you as much as ideas for making a gift box for your admirers.

Add A Gift Tag:

Add A Gift Tag

A gift tag is something that can tell your story in just one line – a small MESSAGE from you. The tags are pasted outside the wrappers in the DIY gift box for Christmas and the DIY birthday box. 

How can you make a tag? 

Let us help you with that:

  • First, get a paper
  • Draw a rectangle on it
  • Cut the paper
  • Take a point in the middle of the upper edge
  • Turn the corners inward and make a point in the centre from each side
  • Then, write your quotations on it

Add Ribbons:

Add Ribbons

DIY decorative boxes commonly use ribbons, shredded papers, and fluffy beans. Sticking to the theme, choosing vibrant colours, putting all adoring elements, and stowing your small gift containers presentably will provoke your love directly into the heart of your loved one.

DIY Gift Box With Lid: 

Preparing decorative gift boxes with lids is such a startling point to increase the anxiousness of the receiver. DIY gift box with lid – a perfect way of surprising what is inside! So for an overall review on Gift Boxes, putting such efforts is a heartfelt way of showing love with an infusion of creativity is something that heeds people’s hearts for you. Using all the steps and guidance in the above headings will help you in the right way to represent your gifts. So, whenever you think to gift someone, equip your custom packaging boxes and make every second of the unboxing experience a moment of excitement and LOVE. Your work will indeed depict the beautiful images of gift boxes to the giftee.


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